Miva 2 Vaporizer


Miva 2 Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Miva 2 (1) Insert for Concentrates (1) Mouthpiece (Flat) (1) Mouthpiece (Glass) (4) Mouthpiece Rings (1) Cleaning Brush (1) Tool for Dabbing (1) USB Charger (1) Instruction Manual (1) Limited Lifetime Warranty

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By managing the temperature of weed, the Miva Vaporizer or Miva 2 Vape by Kandypens is a highly sought after weed vaporizer on the market. Enjoying a quality weed vaporizer is essential for safety when it comes to taking on temperatures that are significant enough to bake. Below are the various reasons why customers are seeking them out.


Small and compact, the Miva Vaporizer is easily portable and can fit in the smallest of bags or large coat pockets, although that is not the most secure transport. When purchased, it comes with a belt clip to securely hold it to your pants so that it can transport with you wherever you go.

Included is a quick start guide, which only requires a few minutes of your attention since the weed vaporizer is simple enough to operate and highly convenient for all customer types. Changing the temperature is as simple as choosing an up or down arrow on the Miva 2 Vape weed vaporizer.

What's new?

The finish on this model is much more attractive compared to previous models. Also, the mouthpiece is equipped with glass and increased airflow with three holes on each side. The Miva Vaporizer also comes with an extended battery life of 3 hours and color options to fit your personal preference. The upgraded technology included a memory of your favorite temperature so that you can easily set it to your preference and not have to change the temperature with each use.


The Miva 2 Vape is equipped with a lifetime warranty. By keeping the manual and box together should you have problems, you can easily contact customer service and have the device replaced. Leading technology is also a part of the device to properly and safely adjust the temperature. Made with ceramic and glass for the mouthpiece with a plastic finish, the device is durable and able to withstand the temperature for a lifetime.

For your safety, this device comes with a five-minute shut off after your weed is baked and you have used the device. The temperature is able to reach anywhere from 300 degrees to 435 degrees based upon the customer's preference.

Equipped with a grinder and a carrying case, the Miva Vaporizer has something that makes it easy to transport and also a level of protection to keep it from being damaged due to hard falls and protecting it from environmental elements that could cause damage. The case is made of leather to accentuate the quality of the product and add that layer of protection.

Are you ready for your Miva 2 Vaporizer by Kandypens?

If weed vaporizing is your thing, then the Miva vaporizer is the device you need to ensure you get the service you need, while having the latest in both safety and technology. This device is leading in terms of baking and weed vaporizing. Get your Miva vaporizer today.

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