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Miqro Vaporizer


Miqro Vaporizer

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Standard Bundle Includes:
(1) Miqro Vaporizer
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Accessory Kit
(1) Extended Mouthpiece
(1) Rechargeable Battery
5-Year Warranty 

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Brand DaVinci

The DaVinci Miqro Vape is the 2018 addition to the brand and it consists of the highest quality materials on the market as well as utilizes newest available technology in the realm of vaping. Aesthetically side by side, the Miqro looks like a smaller version of the IQ Vaporizer. The inside of the device however has changed. The best part about the Miqro is the zirconium airflow system which provides the absolute purest flavor of the medication in your vapor. The all ceramic airpath also ensures the purity of the flavor in the specific strain you will be vaping.

It is important to understand how small this dry herb vaporizer really is hence the name "Miqro" which is designed to pack quite a punch for such a small vape. It is common to want a discreet vaporizer and if it is important for you to vape as stealth as you can, this will be the perfect device for you. The only downside to the Miqro is that you can only fit a quarter of a gram (ground dry material) into the oven at one time. This means that while it is perfect on the go, a constant vaper will need to reload quite often.

The Miqro Vaporizer has an adjustable oven pearl to help regulate the amount of herbs you place in the oven to maximize your experience on every draw. In case you travel and do not want to recharge your vape on the go, you are able to grab a few 18350 batteries and swap them in and out as you may need. As with every vaporizer, this one comes with a learning curve. An important thing to know is to pack the oven firm, do not sprinkle the dry material loosely into the chamber or the amount of vapor produced will be significantly less. It is also very important to grind the material fine and avoid breaking anything up by hand nor using a plastic grinder. If everything is done correctly, you will see this device producing exceptional clouds for its size. Please watch the video for some more interesting information on this vape.

Bundle Options:

If you choose to go with the Standard Bundle option, you will receive everything you need in order to start vaping. This is best for at home or on the go use. The standard bundle includes the full Miqro Vape, a USB charging cable, an accessory kit and an extended mouthpiece. Both bundle options include a five year warranty.

If you choose the "Explorer's Collection" you will receive a MIQRO Glove to keep the vape safe without scratches, a grinder coin for easy grinding of dry herbs on the go, a carry can XL to safely carry extra ground material and reload during travel, an extra 18350 battery for those times where you cannot stop and charge and last but not least, a carrying case for simple transportation.

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