Lobi Vaporizer


Lobi Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(2) Full Quartz Atomizers
(1) 1200mAh Battery
(1) Glass Mouthpiece
(5) Q-Tips
(5) O-Rings
(2) Alcohol Pads
(1) Packing Tool
(1) User Manual

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Described as the “Porsche of wax vape pens,” the Kind Pen Lobi is certainly a high value product that sets itself apart from other wax vaporizers. With burn-free heating, a great battery, and a sleek design, the Lobi should be the wax vaporizer of choice for anyone interested in these type of products.


The Kind Pen Lobi has a great design that is comfortable to carry. Similar to other wax vaporizers, it has a pen-shaped base that most people will be used to. Kind Pen made sure that the Lobi was made of high-quality materials, and this is very apparent when looking at the glass mouthpiece of the device. Many similar wax vaporizers have cheap, plastic mouthpieces that degrade over time and often burn the mouths of users. With a glass mouthpiece like the one utilized by the Lobi, users won’t run into this problem. This glass mouthpiece is very durable and will keep users burn-free.

The airpath of the Lobi has been fully isolated and is also splash-proof. This isolated airpath helps to protect the internal mechanisms of the device, ensuring that they do not break due to overheating. The splash-proofing of the airpath may not seem like a big deal to many, but it can actually help to save you from seriously painful burns. An interesting feature of the Lobi is the ability to customize the overall effect of the airflow, which can drastically influence the intensity of your sessions. This feature is not found in many other similar wax vaporizers, so it definitely helps to make the Lobi stand out from the pack.

The Lobi is equipped with a 1200mAh battery that is guaranteed to keep the device powered for many sessions. In fact, one full charge on the Lobi will retain enough power for an entire day. The device is powered through a USB-C charging port as well, ensuring that it will charge much faster than any of your old devices that use a standard USB port.

How to Use

Using the Lobi is extremely easy and anyone should be able to do it, no matter their experience with wax pens. To start, make sure your device is charged before you plan to have a session. The previously mentioned USB-C charging port on the Lobi will help to power the device up quickly. Once the device is charged, its time to load up your concentrate. To do this, you will probably want to use the packing tool included with the device. Pack it in the chamber, and then put the mouthpiece back over the chamber. Select your temperature, hit the start button, and you’re good to go! It’s as simple as that. Just in case any users do find themselves confused when trying to operate the device, Kind Pen has included a user manual packaged alongside the Lobi as well as a youtube video available at any time.


Kind Pen is committed to making sure that your Lobi vaporizer doesn’t burn any of your concentrate. To ensure this, the device does not use combustion heating. Combustion heating occurs when a vaporizer’s heat source makes direct contact with your concentrate. This method of heating can sometimes be faster, but it can also burn your concentrate, creating a bad taste. The 2X full quartz coil-less atomizer instead heats your herbs indirectly through a process called convection/conduction hybrid heating. This occurs when a vaporizer’s heat source warms up air, which then passes through your concentrate, heating it as well. While this heating method may not be as fast as pure conduction, it helps to bring out a better flavor from your concentrate and still heats up quite quickly. To counteract the traditionally slower heating time, the Lobi actually does not require users to preheat the device before a session. Once you load up your product, it should be good to go!

The Lobi has four different temperature settings available for users to choose from, which is a great selection when compared to similar vaporizers. The temperatures are 450, 500, 550, and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Users have about 150 degrees to play around with, leaving a lot of room for customization. Seeing as different types of concentrates perform better with different temperatures, the Lobi allows users to use many different types of concentrates with the device.


Vaporizers that utilize a pen-like design are often very discreet, and the Lobi is no exception. Using it in public should be no problem at all, as you are very unlikely to draw any attention to yourself. While some may be concerned about the smell from your wax being noticeable, your sessions with the device will likely be so short that the only odor emitted from the Lobi will be extremely faint.

In addition to being discreet, the Lobi is also a very small device that can easily be taken on the go. Users should have no trouble at all packing it up in a bag, backpack, or possibly even a pocket. Weighing only eight ounces, it is highly unlikely that you even notice the Lobi while taking it around with you. In addition to the small size, not having to preheat the device, really puts it over the top in terms of portability.


The Kind Pen Lobi is one of the best wax vaporizer pens you can currently buy. While it has many features that are also present in highly expensive vaporizers, it has a price of only $99.95 This is an incredible deal, as some similar products are priced at around double the cost of the Lobi. In addition to this excellent price tag, Kind Pen provides those who purchase the Lobi with a lifetime warranty on the vaporizer. Basically, once you have the Lobi, you won’t ever have to worry about it breaking on you. If you are in need of a new wax vaporizer, or perhaps you are looking to buy your first one, definitely check out the Kind Pen Lobi. It will absolutely meet your expectations.

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