Lift Vaporizer Review


Slim, Strong and Discreet: The Lift Vaporizer by FLYTLAB

The people have spoken and FLYTLAB has listened once again. The release of their new Lift Vaporizer offers the latest and best solution for discreet, on-the-go vaporizers that balance performance and design. It’s compact, sleek and provides a fuller vape flavor than many other herb vaporizers of a comparable size. Fans of the Lift’s predecessor, the H2FLO, will notice many similarities between the two.

A Closer Look at the Lift’s Design

The cylindrical shape of the Lift is similar to the H2FLO. However, the size is much smaller in comparison. To help visualize, think smaller than the Arizer Air and thinner than the Solo and there you have the Lift.

The herbal vaporizer is lightweight and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It makes for easy storage on the go. Just slip it in your pocket or purse. And you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging the mouthpiece either. It’s retractable and slides smoothly into the vaporizer when you don’t need it. When you’re ready to vape, just whip the Lift and the mouthpiece pops out ready to use. Don’t worry— a magnet keeps the mouthpiece from jettisoning off from the vaporizer.

How the Lift Maximizes Flavor over Size

The Lift uses a hybrid convection/conduction heating system to allow for easier draws with fuller vape clouds and flavor. The ceramic heating chamber also holds up to .7 grams of herb which is unheard of for its size. However, the secret for its great flavor lies in 3 key components: the isolated air intake system, the heating chamber, and the organic glass mouthpiece.

The extra 3 holes (6 totals) for the intake system draw in more fresh air during each draw. The large chamber and the mesh between it and the heating coil give you a strong, even flavor without burning the herb. And the glass mouthpiece is designed to cool the vapor as it comes directly from the chamber. All of this creates a nice, strong and untainted flavor from your herbs that can’t be matched.

The Lift Vaporizer Comes Ready to Use

The Lift Vaporizer comes to your doorstep ready to go. There’s no assembly required. Charging takes less than 2 hours (if necessary) and depending on your heating preference, the Lift will be ready to vape in under a minute.

To use, unscrew the top and pack your desired herb into the chamber. Once done, press the power button three times. It will then cycle through three, color-coded temperature options for you to choose from:

  • Blue: 365-375 F (185 C)
  • Yellow: 395-405F (215 C)
  • Green: 15-425 F (225 C)


Select your temperature by holding down the button when it flashes the color you want. Once it’s done heating, the button will light up as the temperature you choose.

If you want to change temperatures, hold down the button again until it cycles through them again. Then hold down again to choose. When finished vaping, press the button three times to shut off. The Lift also comes with an auto shut-off feature that activates after 2 minutes of non use.


The Lift Vaporizer meets consumer demand head-on. There are few (if any) herb vaporizers on the market that can compete with its size, usability, and vapor flavor. It’s just so convenient to use, and you’ll find everything you need in the kit to get lifted!