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Levo Oil Infuser


Levo Oil Infuser

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Box Includes: (1) Levo Oil Machine (1) Stir Stick (1) Magnetic Strainer (1) User Guid Features: Create Butter Oil Herb Infusions Simple LED Interface Child-Lock Option Controlled Heating

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Do you like to cook, bake, and create edibles? You’ll love the new Levo Oil Infuser! Whether you want to dispense butter right on your fresh-popped popcorn, whip up a batch of infused brownies, or make anything else that requires butter or oil to make, you can make it happen with the click of a button.

The new Levo Oil Infuser makes it fast, simple, and fun to create infused foods! You won’t have to spend lots of time making your herb-infused butter from scratch. The Levo doesn’t require you to hover and micromanage the process like you normally would have to do. Instead, you put in your ingredients, set your settings, and walk away. Then, like magic, you’ve got infused butter that was made with gentle stirring that doesn't aerate ingredients, increasing shelf life.

Fast and Simple Cooking

If you’ve ever made cannabutter infused oil before, you know that the process requires a lot of your attention, can get very messy, and takes up a lot of time. The good news? All of that is about to change with the Levo Oil Infuser.

Never before has making herb-infused butter been so easy. Simply pop open your Levo, take out the pod and add your herbs before placing the pod back into the reservoir. Then add at least 5 oz of oil or butter before closing and locking the Levo. Set your desired heat and timer settings and then press start to begin the infusion process.

You can customize the settings to take as long or little time as you need and walk away until the process is finished. Once time is up, you can come back to your Levo, press stop infusion and then you are ready to simply dispense your butter or oil and enjoy!

Easy Cleanup and Child Safe

If you’ve got kids running around while you’re cooking with certain herbs, it’s important that you take the appropriate measures to make sure that they can’t get their hands on or in your Levo Oil Infuser. That’s why Levo has put a child lock setting on the oil infuser.  When the child lock is on, you can’t get into the reservoir which means that you can protect kids and other guests from accidentally opening the chamber and getting hurt.

In addition to a child lock setting, Levo is also dishwasher safe! Once you’ve dispensed your delicious butter, all you have to do is take out the reservoir and herb chamber and place them into your dishwasher. This gives you easy cleanup that takes no time at all!

You can choose the strength and strain of your butter, you don’t have to micromanage the process, you benefit from fast and easy cleanup, and it’s child safe too— what’s not love? The new Levo Oil Infuser has everything covered and it’s just waiting for you to step in and start creating your first batch!

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