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Key Fob Vaporizer


Key Fob Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) FOB Vape (1) Grinder Card (2) Replacement Screens (2) Mouthpieces (1) Cleaning Kit (1) Filling Tool (1) Instructions Card 1 Year Warranty Card

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If you’re looking for a discreet vaporizer that you can easily take with you but still get some great sessions out of, then we’ve got the perfect vaporizer for you. Introducing the Vaped Fob, a stealthy key fob vaporizer that can travel with you on all your adventures.


The Vaped Fob is designed to look like a key fob for your car. It includes buttons that look just like a lock, unlock, and a trunk opener for your car, but it’s secretly a vaporizer that fits right in on your keychain. This vape is perfect for concerts, sporting events, bars, or anywhere else that you might have your things searched. It’s the ultimate sneaky vaporizer.

Although the Vaped Fob is small, the chamber is still pretty large and can hold a good amount of dry herb. The oven heats up evenly to give you nice flavorful hits that you can keep enjoying for several sessions. We do recommend that you grind your herb before putting it in the chamber, but don’t worry a nice grinder card is included with your deal!

In addition to being super small and stealthy, you get a mouthpiece that slides in and out of the Vaped Fob. Despite being so small, the mouthpiece is pretty easy to grab and pull out when you want to have a session, but it’s also small enough that unless you were specifically looking for it you would never know it’s a mouthpiece for a vaporizer. It’s the ultimate discreet vaporizer!


To turn the Vaped Fob on you press the middle button 5 times (the trunk button). From there your door lock and unlock buttons are your secret temperature buttons. You press the top one to raise the temperature and the bottom one to lower the temperature. Talk about sneaky!

You might be wondering how do you see what temperature setting you’re at when you are using the vaporizer? There are two flashing lights underneath the buttons, the top light indicates temperature and the bottom light indicates battery life. The Vaped Fob has 6 different temperature settings that are shown through the colors turquoise, blue, green, purple, yellow, and red, with red being the highest.

With the small portable size and lots of temperature settings, you might also be wondering about battery life. The battery can hold a surprising amount of juice that can last you for several long sessions before you need to recharge. And you can see where your battery level is at which is indicated by one of four colors on the bottom light.

Lastly, the Vaped Fob also includes an auto shutoff feature which is perfect for people on the go. It’s easy to forget about a vaporizer especially when it’s so small and fits nicely in your pocket. The auto shutoff feature can and will help prevent burns to you, your clothes, or wherever else you put the fob.

Fast heat up time, lots of heat setting options, great battery life, nice flavorful hits, and super discreet, what’s not to love about this vaporizer? Not to mention there’s not a lot of little moving parts that you need to make it work, it’s all self-contained. It’s the ultimate stealth vaporizer that’s concealable and portable so it can go wherever you go. If you are still unsure whether this device is for you, please see our article on how to select the perfect vaporizer.

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