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Kandypens K-Box


Kandypens K-Box

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Kit Includes: (1) 900mAh Variable Voltage Battery (1) Glass Mouthpiece (1) Triple Quartz Rod Atomizer (1) Adjustable Airflow Base (1) Metal Loading Tool (1) Wax Container (1) USB Charging Cable Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

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Upgrading to a premium wax vaporizer is the goal when the Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer is purchased. With this new design, the features of this KBox vape experience are elevated with upgrades and it is leading in its class. Below are what users can expect when they make their Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer purchase. 

New Features

The mouthpiece is made of glass for protection and also visibility for the vapor. For many using a wax vaporizer, it is essential to visualize the KBox vape. Using fewer parts for this device offers a cleaner and low risk of losing essential parts while trying to vape. 

Take advantage of the retractable charger that allows the customer to carry around the parts they need efficiently while they are not charging, and utilize the necessary charging space throughout the day as the battery begins to wear on the Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer.


With this wax vaporizer model, there is double the airflow to maximize the performance and enhance the KBox vape experience for the customer.  The glass and material that is utilized for this device is a higher grade of material compared to earlier models and offers a clean and refreshing appearance to vapers using the product. 

The performance of the battery also suggests a higher quality option because of the various voltage levels, and they are chosen in seconds. Take advantage of three heating rods for the concentrate and medication that generates a gradual release of the oils. 


Compared to past models, this vaporizer transforms the KBox vape experience because there are minimal parts required to move and operate by the owner while using the device. Instead of removing multiple parts of the vaporizer, the coil is removed and the concentrate administered, which cuts down on the number of parts moving during each use.

Also, changing the settings on this device is much simpler and super convenient. A few clicks will get you to the appropriate voltage. Enjoy a carrying case for your medication with the device so that you have them together at all times. 


Grab and go is one of the best options for this Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer. With the addition of the retractable charger and the medical container, having a portable wax vaporizer is easier than ever to get someone through the day. Also, the extended battery life feature allows the Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer to be transported all day and overnight for traveling and those quick hits to get you through until the next one. 

Get yours today!

The Kandypens K-Box Vaporizer has expanded upon the perfections and missing features of previous models and gives you a vaping experience that can go with you wherever you are. From its upgrades to its ability to be a mobile option, customers never have to struggle getting through without a quick hit when they purchase this wax vaporizer.

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