Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review


The Hydrology 9 Water Vaporizer is an impeccably-crafted liquid filtration vaporizer that is specially designed to be sleek and portable. This pipe-style vape looks beautiful and artistic without compromising its functionality at all! It’s brushed with aluminum for a smooth and finished look.

The package is not limited to just the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer device itself. It also comes equipped with a USB charging cable, an AC adaptor, a screwdriver tool to change the pull resistance, cleaning brushes, as well as spare rings for the water chamber cap and spare screens for the herb chamber cap. It only takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge the vaporizer. A full charge lasts about 2-3 vape sessions, depending on the length of time that you typically spend vaping. This product also includes an automatic shutoff feature. After two minutes without use, it will automatically go into standby mode in order to save power—a great addition to this vaporizer!

The Hydrology 9 Water Vaporizer comes with a quick starter guide for a simple and easy setup so you can get started right away. Press the single button to turn the device on or off. Once on, the device will heat up in a timely manner so that you can get going with your vape session without having to wait around. The same button used to power the device on and off can be used to change the temperature settings of the water vaporizer. These temperatures can be cycled through by pressing the button. The Hydrology 9 Water Vaporizer also features fun, adjustable colored lights that will change depending on the temperature setting of the water vaporizer. 

The caps placed on both ends of the vaporizer are sturdy but easily removable so you can access the easy-to-fill chambers beneath them. Remove the magnetic top to unscrew the mouthpiece and lid, which are located over the water chamber. After that, all you have to

do is fill the underlying chamber with water. The caps are sealed so that no water will escape, resulting in a slick, no-mess experience! 

The cap on the bottom unscrews to reveal the chamber in which you place your personal choice of dry herb. The bottom lid also comes equipped with a built-in stirrer so that you can easily rotate your dry herb without having to pause your vape session! The bottom section of the device adds even more functionality to this vaporizer with a feature whereby you can actually set your own preference of resistance.

This vaporizer will give you a smooth hit. It produces a mellow but wonderfully flavorful vapor. The higher the temperature, the fuller the effects—that way, you can easily customize your own vaping experience. Its high level of functionality and easy-to-use design makes this product a must-have vaporizing tool!