How to select the perfect vaporizer


Status VaporizerNew vaporizers are released so frequently that we all need some direction to make the right decision. There's no decision that entails a device to be the "best vape" on the market. All of us as well as enthusiasts have our a personal preference with how we'd like to consume our herbal medication. This involves deciding between the type of material we will use, if the vaporizer will be for home or on the go and if we want pure vapor from low temperature or a smoky flavor using the conduction heating method.

Which material will you use?

There are three well known materials when it comes to inhaling vapor from various herbal blends. The most popular would be the dry herbal blend. This has been around for ages and most commonly used throughout the globe. Nowadays, wax and other concentrates have quickly gained popularity due to their potency and ease of use. Hash will fall under the category of concentrates therefore it can only be used in a vaporizer designed for wax. The last material often used is herbal oil. Many customers get confused between an eLiquid vaporizer and an oil vape. Depending on the consistency of the herbal oil, it can be used in a vape intended for eLiquid, otherwise it requires a wax vape if thicker than your average vegetable oil.

Will you vape at home or on the go?

There are three main styles of vaporizers. Currently, the most popular is the Vaporizer Pen because they are usually small and available for all type of material. The largest selection of vapes you will see are considered "Portable Vaporizers" since they come in many shapes and forms but will still fit comfortably in your pocket as well as bag. Last but not least, Desktop Vaporizers were the beginning of this industry with the famous Volcano vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. Before going further, you must decide which of these three categories you would like to browse through.

Great, you've chosen your material and style, narrow down your choice:

The Dry Herb Vaporizer is available with two heating methods, conduction vaping and convection vaping. We recommend going with a convection vape because you are able to choose between temperatures and heat the herbal medication to the perfect point of vaporization. Also, it will have a concealed heat source therefore no combustion will take place. If you are a fan of rolling a joint, but would like the same affect without having to do so on the go, the conduction vaporizer may be for you. These devices have an open heat source that cook at a very high temperature that will cause combustion if not modified with a glass screen.

Looking for a Wax Vaporizer will be very simple. Most vape pens in generally are designed for wax and concentrates using the conduction heating method. Although they are not the best, the most common coils you will see while browsing is the ceramic coil. We can assure you that the new dual rod quartz coils are better than ceramic and are currently the best option available on the market. These crystal coils will vaporize your material more efficiently providing a cleaner flavor and smoother tokes.

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