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Oil Vaporizer

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An Oil vaporizer also known as an oil pen is a broad term to describe the type of material that is put into an atomizer that will vaporize oil. The important factor to understand is whether you will be using oil since an oil vaporizer is a vape that will not function as a device for concentrates but will work in a similar function as for eLiquids. Many shoppers confuse the oil vape with a vaporizer for concentrates that can only be used with thick oil or solid concentrates such as wax and shatter. Before purchasing, you must be sure that the vape you are interested in, can support the specific consistencies that you will be using. The type of concentrates you can use with the oil devices found here will be either thick waxy oil or diluted with PG, allowing it to vaporize. An eLiquid vaporizer is sometimes referred to as a hookah pen and is designed to work only with eLiquids. These consistencies often come in different flavors but on Portable Hookahs, you are only able to view the devices themselves.

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