Dry Herb Vaporizer

How to choose a vape?

A dry herb vaporizer is an electronic device for ground herbal material optional with a convection or conduction heating method. Most commonly using conduction heat with a temperature regulator, you can simply increase or decrease the heat depending on the moisture level of your herbal blend. For optimal vaporization, herbs with lower moisture levels should be heated between 325°-350° while herbs with higher moisture should be heated between 375°-400°.

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What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a device designed specifically to vaporize ground material derived from Cannabis as well as Tobacco. Sometime referred to as a weed vaporizer for those in the medical marijuana community. The vape industry has changed the view on how people consume THC and CBD in a public atmoshpere therefore almost fully removing the old school stoner stigma. 

Realistically, the phrase "marijuana vaporizer" covers a variety of devices for each material and form therefore you will often see a specific prefix such as dry, wax, desktop or many others to help you navigate and find what you are looking for.

How to choose vaporizing temperature?

Here is where it gets tricky. Choosing the right vaporizing temperature is based on preference whether you want your vapor to be clean of any toxins potentially created by smoke or combustion. Reasons such as avoiding the smell of Cannabis in public will force you to reduce the temperature to 325°. If you are home with no care for the smell of our favorite green plant, you may want to test out 375°-400° and see the largest clouds that vaporizing cannabis can produce. If you are someone who is just looking for a discreet way to consume herbs and prefer smoke, you are able to use the 400°+ temperatures. This is very common due to the fact that it is more acceptable to use an electronic device instead of smoking a joint in a social atmosphere.

Often medical marijuana patients are required to use a vaporizer that operates with a fully convection heating method that allows dry herb material to be heated evenly by nothing other than hot air. This will remove the option of smoke entering your lungs as long as you do not exceed the recommended temperature. We should keep in mind that even the recommended temperature can be wrong. This is because dry material can have different levels of moisture based on the strain you get or the age of the herb after production.

Why use a dry herb vaporizer?

There are quite a few reasons to use a dry herb vape. Here are some great reasons below:


-CBD Extraction with no toxins

-THC Extraction with no toxins.

-Medically therapeutic for major & minor health issues.


-Often used at public events due to not being noticed.

-Can travel with vaporizer and enjoy in different countries/locations.

Herb Saving

-You are not required to use as much dry herbs as you normally would using roll up as the lit cherry burns away plenty of herb on its own.

Smoother Effect

 -Granted the effect of the THC is not the same when vaping, it seems cleaner & allows full functionality throughout your day.

What type of heating is available with dry herb vaping?

Here's where it gets tricky as some companies may have different interpretations as to how vaporizers heat up dry herb.

Full Conduction

A coil that burns up and directly touches the dry herbal material resulting in combustion.

Conduction (Convection Style)

Dry herb lays on a metal or ceramic surface that is heated to a desired temperature.

Full Convection

The rarest option of all. Dry herb is suspended on a screen within an oven while hot air passes through it.

What type of options are available for weed vaporizers?

The most exciting part about weed vaporizers is choosing the right one for you. If you have educated yourself on the different heating options, you are half way there. Now you must decide whether you want a desktop version, a portable one, or a vape pen. When using dry herbal blends, we urge you to exclude the option of buying a vaporizer pen. The most common device is the portable vaporizer. This is where you will find the most options. At Portable Hookahs, the best feedback is commonly given to vapes that have a glass mouthpiece, a powerful long lasting battery and a great warranty plan.

The best experience vaping dry herbal blends will hands down be using a desktop vaporizer. This type of device gets power straight from the outlet, has a whip or balloon instead of a small mouthpiece and often uses a significantly larger heating chamber. It is very common for shoppers to buy both a desktop unit as well as a portable vape.

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