Dry Herb Vaporizer

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What is a dry herb vaporizer?

To fully understand a dry herb vape, we need to understand the function of a vaporizer and what qualifies as dry herbal material.

Ask just about any vaper or stoner what dry herb refers to and they will with certainty say that it’s marijuana, cannabis, weed or whichever name they prefer. But it simply boils down to being dried cannabis flower in crushed form. It’s a method of marketing a vape designed for marijuana without actually having to include that in their pitch since recreational use of marijuana is not legal in most states.

The vaporizer itself is an electronic device designed to heat up dried herb to a degree hot enough to extract the cannabinoids without getting to the point of combustion. The extracted cannabinoids are turned into vapor which is then inhaled for recreational or medicinal purposes.

The first vapes were designed for dry herbs after cannabis users started to realize that the combustion of any material produces harmful toxins and tar, which poses many health risks. Of course the first vapes were fairly large and not at all portable due to needing a power source. Since then, many smaller, more portables models have hit the market and the larger models are now known as desktop vapes.

Portable dry herb vapes come in many different shapes and sizes and their performance depends on the size of the battery. Due to the high temperatures a vape has to reach, the quality and size of the battery plays a huge role in how powerful the device will be. Obviously temperature matters when vaporizing dried herb. Cannabis begins to vaporize around 285 degrees Fahrenheit and combustion will happen around 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal temperature is somewhere in between and most likely falls around 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vaping at lower temperatures can produce longer sessions since the herbs will last longer. It also often gives you better flavor. Higher temperatures on the other hand will shorten your sessions and there’s a risk of combustion happening which would produce those harmful toxins we’re all steering clear of. The vapor production will however increase and due to THC extraction happening quicker, hits are more potent at higher temperatures.

When using a dry herb vape, it’s important to make sure your herb is not too moist or sticky; the drier the better. Depending on moisture, you will want to experiment with different temperature. This will ensure that your dry herb vaping experience is the best it can be!

Why use a dry herb vaporizer?

There are quite a few reasons to use a dry herb vape. Here are some great reasons below:


-CBD Extraction with no toxins

-THC Extraction with no toxins.

-Medically therapeutic for major & minor health issues.


-Often used at public events due to not being noticed.

-Can travel with vaporizer and enjoy in different countries/locations.

Herb Saving

-You are not required to use as much dry herbs as you normally would using roll up as the lit cherry burns away plenty of herb on its own.

Smoother Effect

-Granted the effect of the THC is not the same when vaping, it seems cleaner & allows full functionality throughout your day.

What type of heating is available with dry herb vaping?

Here's where it gets tricky as some companies may have different interpretations as to how vaporizers heat up dry herb.

Full Conduction

A coil that burns up and directly touches the dry herbal material resulting in combustion.

Conduction (Convection Style)

Dry herb lays on a metal or ceramic surface that is heated to a desired temperature.

Full Convection

The rarest option of all. Dry herb is suspended on a screen within an oven while hot air passes through it.

What type of options are available for weed vaporizers?

The most exciting part about weed vaporizers is choosing the right one for you. If you have educated yourself on the different heating options, you are half way there. Now you must decide whether you want a desktop version, a portable one, or a vape pen. When using dry herbal blends, we urge you to exclude the option of buying a vaporizer pen. The most common device is the portable vaporizer. This is where you will find the most options. At Portable Hookahs, the best feedback is commonly given to vapes that have a glass mouthpiece, a powerful long lasting battery and a great warranty plan.

The best experience vaping dry herbal blends will hands down be using a desktop vaporizer. This type of device gets power straight from the outlet, has a whip or balloon instead of a small mouthpiece and often uses a significantly larger heating chamber. It is very common for shoppers to buy both a desktop unit as well as a portable vape.