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Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen by Grenco Science


Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen by Grenco Science

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Kit Includes: (1) Rechargeable G Pen Battery™ (1) G Pen Herbal Tank™ (3) G Cleaning Tips™ (1) G Pen Wired USB Charger™ (1) G Wall Adapter™ (1) G Cleaning Brush™ (2) G Glass Sleeve™ *Silver tool no longer included in kit *Two glass containers are no longer included *Not intended for use with essential oils.
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Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen

Consumers are often tempted to try a particular product when they see it has been endorsed by one of their favorite celebrities. When it comes to dry herbs and the vaporizer pens used to smoke them, there may be no one better than Snoop Dogg to act as a spokesperson. The rapper has been very vocal in his support of herbal usage, so you would imagine that if he puts his name to a dry herb vape pen, it’s going to be one that gets the job done. That is indeed the case with the Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen by Grenco Science.

While this dry herb vaporizer pen pen may fall on the pricier end of the scale, it does so for a good reason. The Snoop Dogg G Pen is a beautifully constructed device that looks awesome and delivers a fantastic vaping experience to boot. The packaging of the Snoop Dogg vapor kit is also great, and comes with everything you need to get started vaping, along with a couple of little extras that you don’t normally find in other similar kits.

The package may seem a little overwhelming at first, given that there are so many pieces, but putting the Snoop Dogg Double G Series pen together is easy to do. The tank and the rechargeable battery can be simply attached in seconds. The battery is also a snap to charge. All you need to do is screw the battery into the charger that is provided, after which you connect it to a wall outlet or USB port. It only takes about four hours to get a full charge, which means you won’t have long to wait before you are vaping again. You should keep in mind that the Snoop Dogg vaporizer pen is ready once the red indicator light turns green.

The Snoop Dogg vapor pen comes with glass containers where you load up the dry herb, as well as a couple of glass containers to keep your extra herb in. Once the glass container is screwed into the battery, the mouthpiece fits over top and easily snaps into place. With just a few taps of the button, you are ready to vape to your heart’s content. The beauty of this dry herb vaporizer pen is matched only by its ease of use and the little extras that come with the starter kit.

While the Snoop Dogg Double G Series Vaporizer Pen comes with all of the essentials that you would expect in a starter kit, it also has a few things you might not expect. There are the little glass jars we mentioned earlier, as well as an extra glass herbal tank, a cleaning brush with G-tips to make tidying up your dry herb vaporizer a snap, and a G Tool that serves as a tamper when loading up your vape pen. All told, the Snoop Dogg vaporizer pen is a fantastic unit that is worth every penny. You are able to read our professional Snoop Dogg G Pen Review for further information.



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