Atmos Junior Vaporizer


Atmos Junior Vaporizer

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Included: (1) AtmosRx Battery (1) Ceramic Heating Chamber (1) Chamber Connector (1) Rubber Mouth Piece (1) Packing Tool (1) Wireless USB Charger (1) User Manual

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Atmos Raw RX Junior Dry Herb & Wax Vapor Pen Vaporizer Kit

As the electronic cigarette market continues to explode, it seems that more and more users are looking for alternatives to eliquid and/or herb oil. The most common alternative at the moment is dry herbs, especially for those who use dry herbal blends and want an effective way to smoke it. This is where the vaporizer pen comes into play, as the chamber in these units can be loaded with dry herbs and wax, if that is still the way you choose to go. At Portable Hookahs, we have a large selection of dual use vaporizers.

One of the most effective and stylish looking units currently on the market is the Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen. What people are really going to love about this particular device – besides how great it looks – is just how easy it is to use out of the box. When you receive your Atmos Raw RX Junior Vapor Kit you will essentially get everything you need to start vaping dry herbs. The device comes preassembled, but you will most likely need to charge the battery before you get started. You simply need to unscrew the battery from the chamber and plug it in using the USB charger that comes with the kit. The charging time is only a couple of hours, which will give you some time to read the instruction manual that comes with the Atmos Junior vapor pen. The more you know about how it works, the more you will get out of it.

Once the Atmos Junior vaporizer pen has been taken apart, you will be left with three pieces: the battery, the atomizer and the mouthpiece. The atomizer is where you will load up your dry herbs. Using a mesh screen is a good idea when you do this to keep the herb from coming into direct contact with the heating coils. You can also mod your Atmos Junior with various glass screens available on the market. This will prevent any type of burnt taste coming through when you vape. The task of getting your materials in there is also made much easier when using the packing tool that comes with the Atmos Junior vapor kit.

Once you have loaded up your herbs and have the unit all put back together again, getting your first hit is a mere couple of seconds away. You will see a small button on the unit, which you should hold down for a second or two. This heats up the coil in the atomizer and gets your Atmos Junior vapor pen ready to deliver a real burst of flavor. It is recommended that you wait a few seconds between each hit to ensure that you get a great vaping sensation with each and every pull on the pen.

The Atmos Junior Vapor Kit comes in a variety of different colors and has pretty much everything – besides the dry herbs, of course – that you need to get started. It’s an incredibly well-priced unit that will deliver an excellent vaping experience. Using sophisticated vaporizing technology, Atmos Raw RX Junior is the sleek and stylish vapor pen in today's world of vapor. This kit is extremely discreet and can easily be carried around as if nothing more than a simple pen. Get your new dry herb vaporizer pen today!

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