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Haze Vaporizer V3

Haze Vaporizer V3



Kit Includes:
(1) Haze Vaporizer
(1) Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
(1) Glass Mouthpiece
(2) Conduction Screens
(2) Convection Screens
(2) Rechargeable Batteries
(1) Cleaning Tool
(1) Material Tool
(2) All-Purpose Cans
(1) User Manual
(1) Instructional DVD

Compatible With:

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Haze Vaporizer
Haze CEO Taylan Saydar makes no secret about the fact that she hopes some of Hollywood’s elite, many of whom admit to liking the herb, will be in attendance so that they can be the recipients of the Haze dry herb vaporizer. He mentioned “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart as one of the stars he would like to see in attendance, but with vape pens and herbs now very much in style, there are plenty of celebs who are sure to love seeing this gift in their bag.

The magnitude of this inclusion is not lost on the folks at Haze Technologies. They don’t just see this as a coup for them, but for the vaping industry as a whole. While there is a growing level of acceptance for the dry herb vape technology, there is also still a little bit of resistance, mostly from those worried about the potential for discreet herbal use in places where it still isn’t legal.

The fact that vaporizers have proven health benefits does not seem to matter to some, but seeing vape pens grab the limelight may help those folks see that there really is nothing to fear.

What makes the Haze dry herb vaporizer so unique is that it comes with a pair of bowls that can be used to perform a little chemistry of sorts. Users are able to have tobacco and ground flower going at the same time, creating a modern day spliff that produces harmless water vapor instead of an obnoxious smoke cocktail that can do a lot of damage. Like we said, there are health benefits aplenty.

Haze Technologies only recently launched this particular vaporizer over the summer, aiming for a high-end, high-fashion target audience. There can be no denying that A-list Hollywood actors would definitely fit that bill, which makes the Haze vaporizer the perfect addition to those rich gift bags.

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