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Haze Square Vaporizer


Haze Square Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Haze Square (4) Material Pods (2) Concentrate Pads (2) Silicone Lids (1) Mouthpiece (1) Wall Charger (1) Cleaning Tool (1) Material Tool (1) User Guide 10-Year Warranty

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All In One Vape

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Are you looking for a vaporizer that can hold a lot of product? What about a vape that can hold a lot of different types of product? Maybe you’re interested in a vape that can do all of this and still have the technical capabilities to cater to your specific preferences and tastes?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Haze Square Vaporizer has all of these capabilities and then some! It’s perfect for anyone who likes to add a little variety and fun to their vaping experience.

Compatible with All Material Types

Gone are the days of single-function vaporizers. Now, customers are looking for devices that allow them to vape different types of product with the same vaporizer. With the Haze Square vape, you’re getting just that: a vape that is capable and compatible with all material types, including herb, concentrate, and liquids. You can easily switch from one product to another with this versatile device.

4 Chambers with Easy Rotation

Speaking of being compatible with different kinds of product, the Haze Square comes equipped with 4 stainless steel chambers. Not only is that 4 times the material capacity, but you can also switch materials with a simple rotation. The Haze Square can switch between chambers kind of like you would turn a Rubik’s cube, only this device is way easier to solve. Just twist and go, it’s that simple!

Smart Technology

In our world of smart technology, it’s no surprise that vaporizers are progressively becoming more intelligent. Utilizing some of the same smart technology that we use every day, the Haze Square includes several handy features such as fast charging, programming and adjustable temperatures from 335F – 410F.

The Haze Square Pro also comes with an App called the Haze Square Pro App. Through this app, you can save temperature presets, customize the LED light colors, set your vape up for vibration feedback, and find the perfect preset from your session history. That’s a lot of smart features that are ready to be customized for your specific preferences and taste!


As the name suggests, this vape comes in an unusual square shape. While the shape is a little different compared to other vaporizers on the market, the size is still small and portable enough that you could take it with you on the go. The color and style is also discreet enough that it won’t draw attention if you decide to take it out in public.

The Haze Square utilizes what is known as an on-demand convection heat system, which gives little to no wait time between draws. Your product heats up quickly, and with the smart technology, it can cater to your specific temperature preferences. The device also has removable parts, so cleaning and keeping the device in tip-top shape has never been easier.

The Haze Square Vape gives users a lot to love and can take any vape session to an entirely new level. Please check back for our Square Vaporizer Review shortly. Get yours today from PortableHookahs.com!

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