Haze Square Vaporizer Review


Small and discreet vapes are nice, but sometimes you just want something that can hold some serious product. You might even want a vape that can hold different types of product simultaneously and utilize cool technical capabilities. If these are some features that you’re desperately wanting in your next vaporizer, then look no further.

Introducing the Haze Square Vaporizer. This vape has all of these capabilities and then some! It’s the perfect fit for anyone who likes to add a little variety to their vaping style but also wants to carry around a bit more product than the average vape.

4 Chambers!

When we say this vape can hold some series product, we’re not kidding. The Haze Square comes fully equipped with 4 stainless steel chambers. That’s four times the product storage! It’s also really easy to switch from chamber to chamber. All you do is turn it, kind of like a Rubik’s cube and you’re ready to try out a new chamber. It’s fast, simple, and with a just a twist you’re ready to go!

Compatible with Different Material Types

So not only can this vaporizer hold a lot of product, (4 chambers worth to be exact), but you also have the capability to try different types of products and materials all in the same vaporizer. With the Haze Square vaporizer, you can try out different herbs, concentrates, and liquids. Not only does this help give your vaping experience some variety, but you can also test out new flavors and find out what kind of product you’re into.

Smart Technology, Smart Vape

Whether it’s your phone, your computer, or even your refrigerator, we all like to utilize smart technology. It helps to simplify and make our lives easier, so it’s no surprise that vaporizers are now also utilizing smart technology. The Haze Square utilizes some of this tech by including several handy features such as fast charging, programming, and adjustable vaporizing temperature from 335F – 410F.

The Haze Square also comes with an App called the Haze Square Pro App. Through this app, you can save temperature presets, customize the LED light colors, set your vape up for vibration feedback, and find the perfect preset from your session history. With the ability to customize so many things on the Haze Square, this vape will easily feel like it was made for you.


As the name suggests, the vape comes in a square shape. While this seems a little odd at first, it actually works well for the vaporizer. With the four chambers, the square shape makes it easy to shift from one to the other, and it’s not too big or clunky. It still has a discreet enough look and style that most people wouldn’t know what it is at first glance. It’s maybe not the perfect design look, but it definitely fits this vaporizer.

In addition to heating up quickly, the Haze Square brings a lot to the table. It’s intelligent, holds a lot of product, and gives you the ability to hold different types of product. It’s more than just a triple-threat. Hurry and order yours today!