Gravity Vaporizer Review


One of the biggest issues that new vapers are going to experience is choosing just one or two vaporizers from the many that are on the market. The best way to narrow down the selection is to choose a specific type of material to vape, and then choose a brand that has become known for making great vaporizers. If you are considering going with a wax vape, then you really have to consider what KandyPens have to offer. As the name suggests, they deliver pen style vapes that are made for a variety of different materials. When it comes to wax, it is the Gravity vape pen that is at the top of the list. This has become the go to device for many vapers who use wax, and there is a very good reason why. Let’s take a closer look at this wax pen.

Getting to know the KandyPens Gravity

Portability – One thing that KandyPens are known for is their ability to deliver portable vapes that you can easily use on the go. This is a great looking unit, and the slender pen style makes it easy to carry about in your pocket or purse.

Ease of Use – This unit really doesn’t get any easier to use, as there is only a single button to worry about. The button, in the shape of a “K”, powers the device on, and is used to toggle between temperature settings.

Power Source – Very easy to charge, courtesy of the USB charger supplied with the Gravity. Battery power is saved thanks to the automatic 10-second power shut-off.

Prep Time – The longest part of your prep time for the Gravity will be loading up the chamber, which is about as deep as they come for a wax vaporizer. Once loaded, though, this thing heats up quickly, so you won’t be sitting around waiting to take that first draw.

Temperature Settings – There are 4 unique temperature settings on this on, and they are 300. 350, 390, and 430 degrees. You toggle between each of those settings by clicking three times on the power button, which will change color to make it easy for you to see what your existing setting is at any given time.

Vapor Quality – This is where the Gravity truly excels, and it’s fair to say that a big reason for that is the quartz crystal and coil-less ceramic atomizer, which is a real game changer. The flavor and potency of your wax will be exceptional every single time, which is why this device is so hard to beat.

Pricing – The recommended price for the Gravity is around $130, which is a fabulous value for what you are getting.

Guarantee – That price sounds even better when you know that you also get a lifetime guarantee on the battery.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek, highly portable design
  • Excellent price point
  • Lifetime guarantee on the battery
  • 4 distinct temperature settings
  • Very good flavor and potency


  • Takes a minute to get used to the LED color system for the temps