G Pro Vaporizer Review


The majority of people who decide they want to start vaping usually know what sort of material they are interested in. One of the biggest markets in the vape industry is found in the dry herb arena, especially with medical and recreational marijuana beginning to become legal in a growing number of states. Those who look for an herbal vaporizer want something that is discrete, easy to use, and something that consistently delivers solid vapor quality. They also want a vaporizer that shows off their sense of style, and few manufacturers have delivered that as well as Grenco Science have. Music and fashion companies have partnered with Grenco to deliver very specific styles, and those can be found with the G Pro Herbal Vape. Let’s take a closer look at this vaporizer to see if it delivers the goods.

Getting to know the G Pro Herbal Vape

Portability – There are a number of different models in this line, which means they are not all of a uniform size. That said, they are all still small enough to be easily and discretely carried around.

Ease of Use – There is only a single button to work with on this vaporizer, which makes it easy to operate right out of the box. Where thing get a little tricky is in the color system used to indicate temperature, with red being the coolest of the 3 settings.

Power Source – You get about 1 hour of use out of a fully charged battery with this device, which is better than other dry herb vapes of this quality.

Prep Time – This device is incredibly easy to load, thanks in large part to the fact that it comes with a huge chamber that holds as much as .6 grams of dry herb.

Temperature Settings – There is a little something for everyone here, as the G Pro comes with 3 distinct temperature settings to choose from. Try all 3 to see which one suits you best.

Vapor Quality – The first draw that you take using this vape pen is always very flavorful and very potent, but it does tend to diminish through the course of a session. This is pretty typical of a vape in this price range.

Pricing – As mentioned earlier, there are a few different models in the G Pro range, and they can run anywhere from $89 to $119. Very good value all the way through the range.

Guarantee – Although not spectacular, the 1-year warranty that comes with this vape pen is pretty standard with something that falls into this price range.

Pros and Cons


  • Very reasonably priced for a vaporizer of this quality
  • Sturdy build, and a design that is easy on the eye
  • Vapor quality is about as good as you can expect from this price range
  • Highly portable device
  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • Oversized chamber delivers longer vaping sessions


  • Taste is somewhat compromised when vaping over longer sessions
  • The colors used to indicate the temperature settings are counterintuitive