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G Pen Pro Vaporizer

G Pen Pro Vaporizer



Kit Includes:
(1) G Pen Pro Vaporizer
(1) G Pen Tool
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) User Manual
~3 Temperature Presets
~Capacity 0.25 Grams
~Ceramic Heating Chamber
~30 Second Heating
~1 Year Warranty

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The latest in the G Pen Series by Grenco Science is the G Pen Pro Vaporizer. This rechargeable, battery-powered dry herb vaporizer sits just under the $100 price value and offers the most bang for your buck in its simple and intuitive one button design.

The G Pen Pro is perfect for infrequent or first-time vapors just getting into the vaping scene. They get to sample some of the unique features and flavors of the more exclusive vaporizers for a much more affordable price. And dedicated vapors will find pleasure in the G Pen Pro’s comfortable and sensible design.

The Sleek & Intuitive Dry Herb Vaporizer

The G Pen Pro has many features that make it one of the leading vaporizers on the market today.

Its casing is made of a light but durable aluminum that’s smooth to the touch and fits comfortably in the user’s hand. The mouthpiece consists of a gentle rubber that, once removed, reveals a circular ceramic heating chamber that can hold up to .25G of your favorite ground material.

The device is automated through just a single button, and the four LED lights keep you informed of the device’s battery life, charging state, heating state, and selected temperature.

Once activated, the vaporizer takes only 30 seconds to heat up to one of three desired temperatures. And with the open airways up near the mouthpiece, the user receives maximum flavor without the harmful effects of combustion.

How to Use the G Pen Pro Vaporizer

Just follow these simple instructions, and you’ll be vaping your favorite herbs in no time.

1) Before use, make sure to charge the vaporizer by plugging in the USB cord into the bottom of the device.

      • If the four LEDs along the front of the vaporizer are blinking, that means the device is successfully charging.
      • When the lights are solid, the device has finished charging and is ready to use.

2) Remove the mouthpiece and pack your ground material of choice into the ceramic heating chamber. After the material is loaded, reattach the mouthpiece.
3) Press the button 5 times to activate the device.
4) Hold the button to select one of three temperature options:

      • Blue: 375 degrees F/ 190 degrees C
      • Green: 400 degrees F/ 204 degrees C
      • Red: 428 degrees F/ 220 degrees C
      • LED lights will blink until the vaporizer is heated to desired temperature

5) Once all LED lights stop blinking and remain solid, the device is heated and ready for you to start vaping!

A simple 5-step setup! The G Pen Pro, once activated, doesn’t require you to hold down any buttons while inhaling. It will shut off after four minutes of use. If you finish early, all you have to do is press the button five times again to turn off the device.

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Bang for the buck!

Reviewed on 11/21/19, By Joe
I recently got this vape and ended up with even more than I expected. I was told the old school GPen split into a few different vape option. This one was the lowest price option for dry herbal blends. When I have herbs with high moisture I use the top heat preset and when herbs have been laying around the house for a while, I use the lower setting. Vapor production is perfect :)
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