G Pen Gio Review


The G Pen Gio from Grenco Science is definitely a superb concentrates vape that was designed with discretion, portability and ease of use in mind. It is small and incredibly discreet while still offering great vapor quality and can produce sizable clouds. With only one major drawback to this device, which is the availability of the pods, it’s definitely a must have for most vapers out there.

Gio Pods

The G Pen Gio is a cartridge vape pen that is only compatible with proprietary Gio Pods, designed and produced specifically for this device. These pods come pre-filled with 0.5 ml of cannabis concentrates and although only a handful of strains are available in the pods, the available ones offer great flavors and the vapor quality is superb. The downside here is that the pods aren’t readily available all over the US and can be tricky to come by in certain areas.


Although the battery isn’t amazing on this vape, it still offers up to about 100 puffs in a single charge which for some is more than enough. For serious vapes the battery does offer pass-through technology which means you can keep the session going even when the battery is charging. A full charge can be obtained in just under two hours and the G logo on the battery turns green while the device is charging.

Easy to use

There’s only two steps to using the G Pen Gio; insert a pod and take a draw, simple as that. Once a pod is inserted the battery is powered by the flow of air when you draw and the battery heats up instantly, producing smooth vapor instantaneously. The device only has one heat setting which ranges between 600 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the length of the draw. This in turn means there’s no interface or buttons and everything is pre-set to deliver optimal vapor quality.


The G Pen Gio features an elegant and sleek design and even though it is produced from zinc alloy and feels quite sturdy it is still very lightweight. The slim and sleek frame makes it incredibly portable and it can fit almost anywhere for on the go use. The mouthpiece is attached to the Gio pods which means that a new mouthpiece is used with every new pod. The mouthpiece is slightly angled and may feel slightly strange to use at first, but once you get used to it it feels quite comfortable to use.