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G Pen Elite 2


G Pen Elite 2

Special Price $249.95 Regular Price $299.95
Kit Includes:
(1) G Pen Elite II Vaporizer
(1) Silicone Sleeve
(1) USB-C Charger
(1) Hemp Material Travel Case
(1) Stir/Loading Tool
*Full Temperature Controls
*Easy-to-use LED Display
*Convection/Conduction Hybrid Vaporizer

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The G Pen Elite II represents a new evolution in portable, ground material vaporization and is one of the best products to arrive from G Pen. The original G Pen Elite has already been the flagship vape and the Elite II is in a whole new realm of excellence. Highlighted by its incredible dual heater and airpath system, the G Pen Elite II is a must have product.

Design and Functions

The Elite II has a simple and sleek design that houses a variety of incredible features, all built around being customizable by the user. This device is able to be catered to the individual preferences of its users like few others can. The front of the device is equipped with a full color, high-resolution display. Users can take advantage of a curated settings menu with a customizable interface that allows them to control session duration, heating method, and the amount of haptic feedback the device gives.

The G Pen Elite II is a very durable vaporizer, as its body is made out of zinc-alloy. Those who purchase it won’t have to worry about it breaking from one untimely drop. The mouthpiece of the Elite II is made from zirconia, and is fitted with an integrated spiral airpath. This allows for vapor to be perfectly cooled by the time it makes contact with the user. The device even has a built in pick tool at its base, which allows users to easily pack the oven, along with clearing it.

The Elite II is powered by a 2100mAh Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is very powerful, allowing for about 60 minutes of use after a full charge. It only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge, and it does so through USB-C charging. USB-C charging is much faster and accessible than traditional USB charging, so this is a great feature. The Elite II is even able to connect to WIFI, allowing for users to track their usage of the device along with downloading firmware updates.


Convection vaporizers can sometimes become large and difficult to carry around, but the G Pen Elite II has no such problem. The device is about 5 inches tall and about an inch wide, so users should have no problems taking it with them no matter where they go. When purchased the device also comes packaged with a silicone sleeve and a hemp travel case, making the Elite II an extremely portable device.


The heating system of the G Pen Elite II is truly advanced and makes sure that every hit you take is full of flavor. The device utilizes a patent-pending convection and conduction dual heater technology. Conduction heats products by having them make direct contact with the heat source, while convection heats products by passing hot air through them. Conduction heats products quickly but can be prone to burning, while convection take more time to heat products but can bring out richer flavors. Most devices on the market today utilize just one of these heating techniques, but the Elite II goes above and beyond in this regard by providing users with both of these methods. This goes to show just how much the device can be customized to suit the preferences of every individual that purchases it.

The Elite II has a heating range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an extremely vast range, which allows users to find the perfect temperature for each and every product that they use with the device. Just like many other parts of the device, the heating of the Elite II is also customizable, with users having a wealth of heating options to tinker with.

What we think of this new vape

The G Pen Elite II is marketed as a premier product, and it certainly has the features to back up this claim. For those that value the ability to tailor a device exactly to their liking, the G Pen Elite II is the perfect vaporizer. Priced usually at $249.95 but less with amazing coupons offered on PortableHookahs.com This is one device that is absolutely worth the price tag that some may consider being costly. If you are in need of a new vaporizer or even just want to upgrade from your existing device, definitely consider purchasing the G Pen Elite II. It is bound to be the perfect vaporizer for you.

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