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G Pen Dash


G Pen Dash

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Kit Includes:
(1) G Pen Dash
(1) G Pen Tool (keychain)
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) User Manual 1-Year Warrany

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The G Pen Dash is a super discreet dry herb vaporizer designed to help you vape ground material without being noticed. When using this G Pen, it looks as if a regular eCig is being vaped therefore you remain unnoticed while still enjoying your dry herbs on the goå. This sleek design allows you to hide almost the entire device with your hand while still capable of providing a nice hit. Unlike the other G Pen's, this vape has been designed very differently. It uses a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber instead of ceramic. The body uses aluminum alloy therefore being lightweight and durable. The Dash is truly the bang for the buck as it holds up with vaporizers significantly more expensive than it.

Ease of use

As usual, this vape like many others is powered on by the 5-click method. LED lights will indicate that it is on as well as displaying battery life. You have an option of toggling between three temperature presets. Realistically, that is all you need based on the most common level of moisture with ground material. Blue (375°F/190°C) being the lowest, green (401°F/205°C) being medium and red (428°F/220°C) being the hottest. When buying fresh herb, you will find that you have best performance with the highest temperature setting due to an increased moisture level while the oppisite if the herb has been sitting out. 


The Dash has an easy to remove magnetic mouthpiece making it very simple to load your herb on the go. The keychain stirring/loading tool also comes in handy everytime you pack the chamber, stir the herb for an extra session and empty the chamber at the end. We recommend to slightly overpack the oven for best performance. The Dash also uses haptic feedback to let you know it has reached your desired temperature and is ready for vaping.

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