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G Pen Connect


G Pen Connect

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(1) G Pen Connect Battery
(1) G Pen Connect Tank
(1) G Pen Connect Housing
(1) G Pen Connect Male Glass 14mm Adapter
(1) G Pen Connect Glass Adapter Connector
(1) Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
(3) Replacement O-Rings

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The G Pen Connect is no ordinary vaporizer for concentrates. It is more of a revolutionary vaping accessory since it is intended to be used with a glass rig. This GPen has five current patents therefore it is not possible to find anything like it on the market. It uses reverse airflow technology with a ceramic heating element and heats up in only five seconds. With the GPen Connect, you are able to achieve high density clean vapor production without requiring an exposed nail or a torch. Many say, the Connect looks like a vape but rips like a bong.


The GPen Connect is an easy to use vape with an 850mAh battery that has a pass-through charging capability therefore you are able to use it while it charges should you need to. For instant airflow, there is a spring loaded carb release button allowing you to not only easily clear the chamber but to also take smooth and powerful draws. Using quality metal parts and magnets, the battery effortlessly attaches to the heating element without the need to screw anything together.

What will the G Pen Connect work with?

The Connect is compatible with all glass on glass rigs as you are able to purchase both male and female glass adapters. Both options are available in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. Since the most popular adapter for glass rigs/bongs is a 14mm male adapter, the kit already comes with it. For other options, you are always able to purchase them as add-ons or accessories.

How to use

As with most vapes, you click the power button five times rapidly to power on the device. Once on, you choose your heat setting by using the 3-click method. For low (3.1V) the light will show blue, for medium (3.6V) the light will show green and for high (4.1V) the light will show red. Once you have chosen the temperature, simply click the button two times rapidly and within five seconds once the light becomes solid instead of blinking, you are ready to vape. For maximum heat production, you are able to hold the power button down for 10 seconds. We suggest to try the 4.1v heat setting first before using the maximum output option.

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