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Fog Pro Vaporizer


Fog Pro Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) XVAPE Fog Pro
(2) O-Rings
(1) USB-C Charging Cable
(1) Wax/Concentrates Cup
(4) Alcohol Wipes
(3) Cotton Swabs
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Gift Box
(1) User Manual

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The Xvape Fog Pro is the flagship dual use vaporizer from Xvape, who has been making high quality vaporizers for years now. With a convection heating system and great features such as a removable battery pack, the Fog Pro is a great device that everyone should have their eye on. Although most customers use the Fog mainly for dry herbs, it is actually compatible with concentrates as well when using the accessory known as "the concentrate cup" which comes free with the kit.


The Xvape Fog Pro has a rectangular, box-like shape that is common among modern vaporizers. This design makes the Fog Pro easy to hold and carry around. The body is made from anodized aluminum, so users can be confident in the durability of the device. One accidental drop is not going to break it, as is the case with many other devices. The device features a zirconia jewelry-grade mouthpiece as well. All in all, users will not need to worry about the manufacturing quality of the Fog Pro, as it is up to the same standard as the rest of Xvape’s products.

The device is powered by an 18650 battery, which is removable and replaceable. While being able to remove the battery may not seem like that big of a feature, it opens up a lot of convenient options for users. Now, it can be easier to make sure your device is always fully charged. If they want, those who purchase the device are free to purchase extra batteries as well. This may seem unnecessary, but it allows people to potentially have a stock of extra batteries. If managed correctly, users can make sure that they always have a fully charged battery available. Removable batteries are extremely convenient and can help make devices like the Fog Pro much easier to use. The Fog Pro battery is charged with USB-C, making it even easier to ensure that you always have a full charge. A fully charged battery will likely last around 45 minutes, so keeping a few extra may be a good idea, especially if you plan on using the device on the go where it may be more difficult to charge it. Another small bonus is that you can actually use the device while it charges as well.

Heating Technology

A solid heating system is vital to the overall performance of a vaporizer. With inefficient or spotty heating, a vape session can go downhill fast. Those that purchase the Fog Pro however, will not need to worry about these heating concerns. The device is outfitted with an impressive convection heating system that heats products quickly and effectively. The Fog Pro has a magnetic mouthpiece that can be flipped in and out depending on whether users are having a session or not.

Convection heating occurs when your product is heated through hot air going through it. This air flows through the vape after previously being heated by the heat source. Other vapes use a heating method known as conduction. Conduction heating occurs when the herb or concentrate makes direct contact with the heat source. This type of technology results in very quick heating times, but it is also far more prone to burning than convection. Convection heating ensures that your product will be heated in a balanced and efficient manner. This efficient heating also helps to make sure that your vapor will always be of the highest quality. Users will have a difficult time distinguishing between vapor from the Fog Pro and vapor from devices that cost hundreds of dollars more. The Fog Pro is excellent at drawing out the rich and complex flavors that your preferred product holds.

The Fog Pro has a temperature range of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a large range that should allow users to have any sort of experience they like, switching it up depending on the product they’re using. The heat-up time on the device is only about 15 seconds, so users won’t have to wait around for a long time while their product heats up. The temperature control on the device is fully digital, allowing users to easily switch back and forth between temperatures as they find what works best for them.


As is the case with many vaporizers, the Fog Pro is easy to take with you on the go, allowing you to have a session almost anywhere. The previously mentioned quick heat up time makes short sessions on the go not only possible, but encouraged. Devices like the Fog Pro are meant to be portable, and the design reflects that. It is very small and extremely easy to put into a bag of any size to take with you.

Another aspect of the Fog Pro that helps to make it a very portable device is the mouthpiece. As previously mentioned, this mouthpiece simply flips in and out depending on whether or not the device is in use or not. This is a small feature, but it makes it very easy to use the device on short notice, as users won’t have to worry about trying to not only find the mouthpiece, but then also attach it.


The Xvape Fog Pro is a device that manages to stay relatively inexpensive while still providing users with a premium vaping experience. At only $139, it may be hard to find a cheaper device that still does what the Fog Pro can do. The device is extremely easy to use if you are new to using vaporizers, but it also has enough features to please those who may be more experienced. While other devices may be able to do more and might come in a sleeker package, the Fog Pro is a perfect device for anyone looking for a quality vaporizer on a low to medium budget. If that is what you’re looking for, then it would be hard to find a vaporizer better suited for the job than the Xvape Fog Pro.

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