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Flowermate Vaporizer


Flowermate Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Vaporizer Unit (1) Water Pipe Adapter (1) Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece (1) Liquid / Waxy Chamber(Organic cotton inside) (1) Medium Stainless Steel Pod (5) Stainless Steel Screens (1) Dabber Packing Tool (1) Cleaning Brush (1) USB Charging Cable (1) Warranty Information Card (1) User Manual *Convection Vaporizer

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All In One Vape

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If you lead a busy life and you’re looking for a vaporizer that works well but still goes where you do, then look no further.  Introducing the Flowermate Vaporizer collection. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys moving at a fast pace but still likes to find the occasional quiet spot to enjoy a nice session.

The Flowermate vaporizer is an incredible all in one hybrid unit producing large clouds with a ceramic heating chamber and a pyrex glass mouthpiece. This means you will have pure flavor of your materials without any heated plastic interference. The flowermate vape also serves as a portable battery backup in case your phone is running out of juice and you need that quick charge. Normally, we start vaping dry herbal blends at 350°F-375°F and that is perfect but for vaping concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble and thick oil, a high temperature is required. The PRO version ranges from 104°F up to 446°F which is absolutely perfect for concentrates because 446°F is precicely the temperature you want to use to vaporize instead of just liquafying the material. For the price of the flowermate as well as the quality, you can be confident that you are getting the bang for the buck. The PRO versions have an LED display allowing you to select your desired temperature while the 5.0 versions have three settings; Level 1 - 345°F (Blue light) | Level 2 - 400°F (Purple light) | Level 3 - 415°F (Red light). All Flowermate options will be very satisfying, however we recommend the PRO versions for the enthusiasts experienced in the vaping industry. Please watch the video for a detailed explanation about this device and use promo code "420" when you are ready to buy! #VAPELIFE

Perfect for On-the-Go Vapers

Many of us live busy lives and it’s hard to find the time to stay in one spot and sit back and enjoy some sessions.  However, the Flowermate makes it really easy to take your vaporizer with you anywhere you go.  With a mouthpiece that comes off and fits nicely into the device, as well as a tightly sealed chamber, you can take your vape anywhere.


Whether you want to vape some dry herbal blends or you looking at trying other concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble, or thick oil, the Flowermate Vaporizer can handle it all. Ranging from 104°F up to 446°F the Flowermate V5 Pro is perfect for any kind of blend you are thinking about trying. The Flowermate V5 comes with three temperature settings which include Level 1 - 345°F (Blue light) | Level 2 - 400°F (Purple light) | Level 3 - 415°F (Red light).

Big Flavorful Hits

The Flowermate Vaporizer is an incredible all in one hybrid unit that helps produce large clouds. With a ceramic heating chamber and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, you can get pure flavor of your materials without any heated plastic interference.  What’s not to love about that?

Grab your Flowermate Vaporizer now and enjoy a session wherever you go.

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