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Flow Vaporizer by Pulsar


Flow Vaporizer by Pulsar

Special Price $94.95 Regular Price $99.95
Kit Includes:
(1) Flow Vaporizer
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Stir/Packing Tool
(1) Cleaning Brush
(2) Silicone Mouthpiece Inserts
(2) Alcohol Wipes 1-Year Warrany
*Pure Convection Vaporizer

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The Pulsar Flow is the flagship dry herb vaporizer in the Pulsar brand. For the quality and features associated with this device, it is surely the bang for the buck. Not only is it amazing for beginners but it is also incredible for vaping enthusiasts. It has been nearly impossible to locate a dry herb vape using the convection heating method for under $100 until the Flow Vaporizer was released. If this vape falls into your budget, we highly suggest to look no further as there is nothing better at this price.

Highlights & Features

The Flow vape by Pulsar uses a quartz lined dry herb chamber that operates using the convection style heating method. This on its own is only seen in vapes over $150. While that is a great feature, this vape has an embossed vapor cooling system where the airflow passes through grooves from the oven before you inhale. This causes pleasant flavor and no discomfort from hot vapor, which commonly associated with many other devices. The Portable Hookahs team has samples of every vaporizer on the market and we can confidently say that the Flow competes with vapes well over its price point. When using quartz, vapor is more flavorful and original to the strain used. This is because using quartz is like vaporizing dry herb within a glass or crystal enclosure. The results are better than ceramic ovens which are standard within the vape industry.

This vaporizer uses finely tuned heat presets ranging from 356°F - 428°F with haptic feedback when the device is heated up and is ready to be vaped. Simply pop open the magnetic top panel covering the oven and sprinkle as much as .3 to .5 of a gram. Once your desired temperature is chosen, the vape will reach that temperature in only 40 seconds.

Safe & User Friendly

The Flow is only 5" long therefore being super portable for any pocket or bag. It is simple to use with only a single button to operate all features. To turn the vaporizer on, you need to click the power button 5 times rapidly. Then to increase temperature, all you have to do is hold the button down for a few seconds. One the device is ready for vaping, you will feel it vibrate (haptic feedback). For safety, the vape will power off after 4 minutes. This auto shutoff feature is to avoid the oven continuously heating if the vape is accidentally put into a pocket or bag without being manually turned off.

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