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Exxus Mini & Mini Plus


Exxus Mini & Mini Plus

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Exxus Mini: (1) Exxus Mini (Black) (1) Cleaning Brush & Tool (1) Silicone Mouthpiece (1) Charging Cable (1)User Manual Exxus Mini Plus: (1) Exxus Mini Plus (1) Cleaning Brush & Tool (1) Concentrate Chamber (1) Charging Cable

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Exxus Mini & Exxus Mini Plus

The Exxus Mini and the Exxus Mini Plus were created to offer the optimal vaping experience at a reasonable cost. The difference between the two isn't major. The Exxus Mini and the Mini Plus are both 4 inches tall making them some of the most discreet dry herb vapes on the market. The only noticeable difference other than aesthetics is that the Exxus Mini Plus has a concentrates chamber making it a dual use vaporizer. It also has haptic feedback to tell you the device is heated and ready for vaping. Overall, vapor quality is ideal on both options therefore you will be satisfied with either choice.


Both the Exxus Mini and the Exxus Mini Plus dry herb vaporizers are perfectly crafted using the convection/conduction heating method. They are designed to give you an awesome draw each time without having to continuously stir your herbal blends. Both vapes have full temperature controls ranging from 320°F to 410°F.

Ease of use

The Exxus Mini both come with a micro USB cord that can be plugged into the bottom for charging. The battery indicator on the LCD screen will let you know how much battery you have. To use either of these devices is fairly simple. All you have to do is click the power button 5 times rapidly and it will start heating up. You can use the up and down arrow buttons to make sure you reach your desired temperature. The heat up time will be a quick 30 seconds before it is ready for vaping.

To properly open the mouthpiece on the Exxus Mini, push up only on the indented groove found on the side of the mouthpiece. For the Mini Plus, the mouthpiece is magnetic and can just be popped off. The heating chamber AKA oven is made up of anodized steal for full convection vaporization. For best performance, make sure to grind up your herb and sprinkle enough of it to fill up the chamber without pushing any of the herb down. This will allow the proper airflow. Pushing the herb down tightly may reduce airflow.

Exxus Mini Plus Concentrates Chamber

This chamber can be used with shatter, rosin, crumble, thick waxy oil, hash and any type of wax. It cannot be used with liquids, PG oil, VG oil and/or MCT oil. Simply put your material into the concentrate chamber, then put the chamber into the heating oven of the vape and you are ready to vape.

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