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VaporX XLT Elite Vaporizer Kit


VaporX XLT Elite Vaporizer Kit

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If you are looking for smoking convenience and ease of use, the Vapor XLT E-Liquid Vaporizer is exactly what you need. Flexibility is also served by simply changing out the e-juice chamber with the dry herb chamber for more vaping options.
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VaporX XLT Elite Vaporizer Kit

Easy to Use and Advanced CPU-Controlled Battery

VaporX has been a name that you can trust in vaping for more than five years. The VaporX XLT Elite may very well be the pinnacle of all that hard work and expertize, as it really is the perfect combination of quality, portability and usability. The VaporX XLT Elite hookah pen comes with an advanced CPU-controlled battery, which delivers an optimized experience that is dependent on the chamber being used. The ability to change the chamber means more vaping time for you on a single charge. The VaporX XLT Elite Vaporizer Kit comes with everything you need to get started with eliquids, but if you want even more options, we suggest adding the dry herb chamber, too.

This is a unit that is incredibly easy to use. Simply depress the activation button housed on the unit and inhale for as long as you need to!

Eliquid Paradise – Perfect for Any of Your Liquids!

Some of you are looking to ditch the cigarettes in favor of an eliquid vaporizer for health reasons, while other choose the electronic hookah pen for the vast array of flavors available. Whatever the case, there is no denying the increase in popularity that eliquids have enjoyed these past few years. The selection of flavors and nicotine levels makes it easy to find the perfect combination for your own personal hookah pen.

The Vapor XLT vaporizer can accommodate any PG- or VG-based eliquid, whether you prefer eliquids with 0 percent nicotine or concentrations up to 3 percent. Whatever your strength, you can choose a nicotine level that suits your specific needs. You also have the option of slowly lowering the strength of your eliquid over time if you are looking to quit the traditional cigarette habit for good. The fact that water vapor is released instead of smoke means that you can vape just about anywhere. It also means you will be free from the nasty ingredients contained in traditional cigarettes.

The Vapor XLT vaporizer can accommodate any PG or VG based e-liquid, as well as our proprietary ArmoureLiquid brand.


Look How Easy It Is!

Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece on the XL eliquid tank by turning it counterclockwise: left is loose, right is tight..

Fill Up the XL Tank

This step will vary depending on the type of bottle that is used to house your eliquid, but it’s still the same basic process. Once the mouthpiece is off, tilt the chamber at a 45-degree angle and pour your eliquid along the sides of the XL tank, making sure that liquid does not enter the center tube. Having eliquid enter the tube can result in a nasty taste, not to mention it can increase the likelihood that it may get damaged, so pay attention to this step. Reattach the mouthpiece and vape to your heart’s content! Simply screw the mouthpiece back on and press the activation button while inhaling to create a great-tasting and cleaner-hitting vape!

Re-attach the mouthpiece and vape to your heart’s content!

Now you are all set to vape away! Simply screw the mouthpiece back on and depress the activation button while inhaling!

Travel Safe – Take It – Smoke It – Stow It

There is a pretty good chance that all of the information shared with you to this point will have gotten you pretty excited about making the switch to vaping. You will also likely have developed a pretty high expectation, too, which is perfectly fine, as the VaporX XLT Elite vaporizer delivers by offering a totally portable vaporizer backed by a a lifetime battery warranty. This is a hookah pen that easily goes wherever you do, and which becomes all the more flexible when you add the dry herb, oil and/or wax adapter chambers.

Save Your Breath – A Healthier Alternative

The smoke and chemicals produced when traditional cigarettes burn can do untold levels of damage to your mouth, breath, lungs, teeth and more, not to mention the effects it has on those around you. You won’t find any of those toxic ingredients in the eliquids used in the VaporX XLT vaporizer, and the only odors it gives off are subtle smells of the eliquid that you’re vaping.

Those who have already made the switch will tell you that they are glad to be on the road to a healthier lifestyle and delighted to be free from the social stigma that cigarettes create. Get rid of the noxious smell of tobacco on your clothes and in your car today by choosing the VaporX XLT Elite Vaporizer Pen!

The VaporX XLT Vaporizer Pen Kit Includes:

  • (1) VaporX XLT Advanced Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (650mh) 5 Color Choices
  • (4) VaporX XL Tank Cartomizer (601 Thread)
  • (1) VaporX XLT USB Charger Cable with Indicator
  • (1) VaporX XLT USB Wall Adapter
  • (1) VaporX XLT Carrying Case
  • (1) Formula51 eLiquid Choice of Flavor/Strength
  • (1) VaporX XLT Instruction Manual
Included In This Video

  • How to Charge The XRT/XLT Battery
  • How to Fill The XL Tank
  • How to Pack The Dry Herb Chamber
  • How to Clean The XRT Dry Herb Chamber

Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece on the XL e-liquid tank by turning it counterclockwise: left is loose, right is tight.

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