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If you have a habit of some kind that you are trying to kick, the best way to do so is often to wean yourself off as opposed to going cold turkey. One of the toughest habits to kick to the curb is cigarettes, and it’s all because of the nicotine content contained within. Not having access to that nicotine can lead to you becoming agitated and even aggressive, which is why so many people fail even when they desperately want to put the smokes away for good. Imagine what it would be like if you could get all the sensations of smoking, including the nicotine, but could gradually wean yourself off and be healthier in the process. Well, now you can.

Many people that smoke cigarettes will make the move from their traditional blend to a light variety, but the problem is that they are still getting all the nasty tar, smoke, and chemical additives that are jammed into cigarettes. With an electronic hookah pen, you can still get the nicotine that you crave, but since the unit only produces water vapor, none of that other nasty stuff will make its way into your system. That is just the start of the good news, though.

When you make the switch to a portable hookah pen, you essentially get to control what it is that goes into what you are smoking, or vaping as it’s more commonly known. Just like a traditional hookah, the electronic versions come with all sort of different flavors that can be purchased in liquid form. This gives you an incredible selection to choose from, but it actually goes further than that, as you can also choose the nicotine level that you would like your eLiquid to come in.

So what does all that mean for the cigarette smoker looking to quit? Well, it essentially means that you can get the same benefits as you would from smoking, which is usually the social experience and the hit of nicotine, but you can also slowly start to wean yourself off as you continue to vape. If you are a heavy smoker that likes a good throat hit and the rush that nicotine brings, you would probably start out with liquid that has a 2.4% nicotine level, which is referred to as Level 1. From there, you can start scaling back, moving up the levels and down the nicotine content.

By the time you get to Level 5, you will be vaping eLiquid that has 0% nicotine content. This is something that you can do gradually so that you don’t really notice the difference in nicotine levels as you go. You will pretty soon start to feel a whole lot healthier, you will be saving money, yet you will still feel as though you’re smoking, as the hookah pens are designed to feel like you are holding a traditional cigarette. If you want to quit but have been having problems, switch to vaping and slowly wean yourself off.