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Electronic Hookah is a general term that can be used for an array of vaporizers. Often, this refers to an eLiquid vape intended for flavored nicotine juice. If you are looking for an electronic hookah that is meant for CBD or THC oil, as well as a cartridge compatible device, you are able to visit our Oil Vaporizer selection. Options from pen style, box style and Jewel style devices are available.

More and more people are coming to the realization that smoking cigarettes is something that simply isn’t good for their overall health. Not just that, they are also beginning to see the financial costs associated with smoking, which can run very high for those that smoke a pack or more per day. There are all kinds of different smoking cessation methods currently out there, but most fall flat for one simple reason: they do not deliver the smoking experience that so many people love. There is more to cigarettes than just being a device that delivers nicotine, which is where patches and gum totally miss the mark.

What people forget about is the social aspect of smoking, not to mention the sensory experience that comes with holding and puffing on a cigarette. Those can all be achieved by ditching the traditional cigarettes and making the move to an electronic hookah. You will get the same experience as you would with smoking, but what you won’t get are all the harmful additives that are jammed into a pack of smokes.

If you opt for a ehookah pen or hookah stick, you will get something that looks and acts like a cigarette, but which is a much healthier way to get your nicotine fix. The e-hookah may even end up being the device that allows you to kick the habit completely. The portable electronic hookah is able to deliver the nicotine that smokers love so much, but does so in a way where all that is produced is water vapor instead of smoke. Not only is the ehookah a healthier alternative, it can also be used in places where traditional cigarettes are banned, which is an ever expanding list.

There is probably a pretty good chance that many of you are not yet that familiar with e-hookahs, and that is because that electronic cigarettes are the ones getting all the press. What you aren’t hearing about is the number of people making the switch from e-cigs to electronic hookah, simply because the hookah gives a much more authentic smoking experience that smokers tend to love.

If you visit Portable Hookahs you will see just how many different varieties of e-hookah are available, but don’t let that discourage you. The cost of vaping with an e-hookah is a whole lot less than smoking cigarettes, so you will be able to try a number of different brands and flavors without blowing your budget. Once you finally decide on the combination that is right for you, there is no telling how much money you will be able to save, starting with the first batch of liquid that you purchase.

If you are confident and know exactly what you want, why not jump in and try one of the starter kits. If you are still a little unsure and want to explore the world of the e-hookah a little further, we suggest starting out with a disposable hookah stick that is cheap, but which will give you some great insight into what you can expect.

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