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Electronic eCigs

If you have ever tried to quit smoking cigarettes, you are probably well aware of how difficult that task can be. Many people that make the move to stop, end up reaching for their smokes after a relatively short period of time. Many have even tried to quit numerous times, only to be met with failure each and every time. The difficulty in quitting comes from the fact that you are essentially trying to kick an addiction and break free from a psychological habit. While some may be able to be successful at achieving one of those, doing them both is incredibly difficult.

Before you can effectively quit smoking, you need to understand what it is that drives you to do so in the first place. You may have convinced yourself that you will fail every time, simply because you have tried a number of different smoking cessation techniques without any success. Chances are, though, that you actually haven’t tried them all, as electronic cigarettes are not necessarily put in the same place as nicotine gum or the patch. E-cigarettes should very much be considered a way to quit smoking, though, but that is something we will discuss further in the second part of this article.

As we said, the first thing you need to do is create a plan that will get you on the road to freedom from cigarettes. That begins by thinking about what your smoking triggers are. Do you feel the need to light up every time you eat? Do you only really smoke when you are around other people that smoke, too? Do you reach for your cigarettes when stress starts to take a hold? If you can recognize your triggers, you will be better equipped to handle them when they arrive.

One of the biggest issues that people face when trying to quit smoking is dealing with the inevitable fallout that comes when nicotine is removed from the equation. That is where the habit part of smoking comes in, and it is also where people can start to experience real mood changes when it is removed. While some smoking cessation devices use nicotine replacement to combat those feelings, they are unable to deliver release from the psychological habit, which is essentially the feel of a cigarette in your hand, or the action of putting the cigarette up to your mouth. That oral sensation is why people often turn to food when quitting cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are able to deliver help on both elements of quitting, but you still have to put that plan in place. Instead of saying that you will quit after the next cigarette, or the next pack, set an official date to start and toss out any cigarettes that you have left over. Get yourself an e-cig starter kit and have that charged and ready to go when the big day arrives. Sign up to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plan to make sure your disposable eCigarettes or the eLiquid for the rechargeable version never runs out. In the next part of this article we will discuss the role that e-cigs can play in getting you to quit for good.

In the first part of this article we spent some time discussing the difficulties of quitting cigarettes for good. Within that piece we touched on how creating a solid plan can help, and how adding electronic cigarettes into the mix might very well be the way to go. In this second part we are going to go into a little more detail about e-cigs and the role that they can play in your smoking cessation strategy. Before we do that, though, let’s take a moment to bring you up to speed on what electronic cigarettes are and what they look like.

From a distance, you would be hard pressed to tell an e-cig from a real cigarette. While there are some models that are brightly colored and have cool designs, many more are designed to look exactly like the real thing. This is actually where the first part of their success in getting you to quit smoking comes into play. We briefly touched on the psychological aspect of quitting, and how many people miss the feel of a cigarette in their hand or oral sensation of putting it to their lips. The electronic cigarette fulfills both of those needs, which for many is the hardest part of giving up traditional cigarettes.

There is also the social aspect of smoking to consider, with many people trying to quit often getting drawn back in when they are around others who smoke. Electronic cigarettes allow you to fulfill that need, too, but you will not be sucking in all the chemicals that your smoking friends will be. It’s no secret that cigarettes are filled with harmful additives, but e-cigs come with an eLiquid vaporizer that turns liquid into water vapor, whilst still delivering the hit of nicotine that you crave. No other harmful ingredients are included and you are not left with that nasty smoky smell on your clothing after you vape.

Now you know how it is that electronic cigarettes cover the psychological side of things, you are now probably wondering how that will help you quit. That is just the starting point of quitting, with the next step being to reduce the amount of nicotine that you put into your body. E-cigarettes come in a number of different nicotine levels, which means that you can gradually start to cut back the amount that you take in when you vape. Regular smokers can start at 2.4% nicotine when first making the switch, and can eventually start to cut back to the point where they are still vaping, but doing so with a nicotine free e-cig.

The best way to get started is to buy a kit, such as the Krave electronic cigarette starter kit or a Smoke51 Kit, which comes with all that you need to kick the habit and go electronic. Once you see how much better you feel using the e-cigs, you will be more inspired to start cutting back your nicotine levels until you are finally able to say that you are officially nicotine free.

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