Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Safe?


Before asking the question "Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Safe?" You must first ask yourself if smoking dry herbs is safe. The industry of vaping was intended to create a healthier alternative to smoking.The keyword here is "healthier" and as most people know, vapor is safer than smoke. Now the material used to produce the vapor, that's entirely different. When it comes to dry herbs, a vaporizer will extract cannabinoids and THC without combustion. The toxicity included in smoke and combustion of dry herbs is no longer present if the correct temperature is used. Temperature regulators on dry herb vapes are important because the moisture level of ground material can vary. If done properly, vaping dry herbs will most defenitely be a healthier alternative to smoking dry herbs. That is without a doubt.

Are dry herb vaporizers worth it?

Dry herb vaporizers should last you quite a few years. If you calculate the amount of money spent on rolling papers and the time it takes to roll, buying a vaporizer is more than worth it.

Do dry herb vaporizers produce smoke?

If you purchase a vape with a temperature regulator, you will often notice that it ranges between 300°F to 450°F. If you set the temperature on low when vaping, there is no possibility smoke will be produced. If you however set the vape to high, there will absolutely be smoke as combustion will take place. It may not be the thick smoke fire can produce but it will be close enough. You might ask yourself "why would dry herb vapes produce smoke". There are plenty of reasons for this. The main one being that some people new to vaping feel they are getting a different affect when vaping instead of smoking. To avoid this, the individual can raise up the temperature and find the perfect amount of heat for them. Another incredibly common reason is because some people are obsessed with the idea of dual use vaporizers without understand that this type of technology comes with a higher price tag. For example, when looking for a low priced dual use vape, you will see something like the V2 Vaporizer or similar. For about $50 you will be burning ground material, you will not be vaping it. This is because these dual use vapes are intended for solid concentrates which require a significantly higher temperature to vaporize. They add a dry herb coil for those looking at dual use vapes at a bargain price. Open coils will combust ground material using a full conduction heating method.

How to choose a safe dual use vaporizer?

This is quite simple. You must first avoid anything under $100 and make sure what you are looking at has heating chambers, not coils. When it comes to real dual use vapes, you will see a main heating chamber with the possibility of increasing the temperature higher than normal. For concentrates, you will find these vapes to have small cup looking attachments that fit into the oven. Heating methods can be either convection style conduction heating or just pure convection. Both options are great. However, the more expensive option will be pure convection as it has the cleanest flavor production.

List of recommended Dual Use Vaporizers:

1st Place The Ghost MV 1 Vaporizer

2nd Place FireFly 2+

3rd Place Crafty Vaporizer

4th Place AirVape X

Is it safe to purchase vaporizers internationally?

Over the years, many great brands were released but diluted by cheap off brand knock offs from factories in China. Also, there are quite a few counterfiet vapes throughout the market. When purchasing, especially internationally, make sure to buy from an authorized dealer of the brand you are interested in. Avoid AT ALL COSTS buying vapes from EBAY, AMAZON, BONANZA, NEWEGG, RAKUTEN or any othermarketplace. Not just is warranty not covered when buying on these platforms but more often than not you will be buying a knock off product which may end up being very dangerous. We recommend some quick research to make sure you are buying a trusted brand. Portable Hookahs ships worldwide and carries 99% of all trusted brands on the market therefore placing an international order is quick and easy.