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DaVinci Vaporizer


DaVinci Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Davinci Vape (1) Cleaning Brush (1) Flex Straw (2) Oil Cans for Essential Oils (3) Large Replacement Screens (6) Small Replacement Screens (1) Instruction Manual (1) Wall Charger (110v-240v) Da Vinci "Vape Intelligently" Sticker 2-Year Limited Warranty ~Full Convection Vaporizer

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Brand DaVinci

DaVinci Dry Herb Vape

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake the DaVinci Dry Herb Vaporizer for a walkie-talkie or perhaps a Breathalyzer device, but what you get is an incredibly effective vape machine that is worth every penny you pay for it.

Vaporizers similar in style to the DaVinci are frequently found in the $500-600 range, which might make you believe that this one is not quite up to the job in the same way that higher priced models are. That is absolutely not the case, and the fact is that this portable unit is better in a number of different ways. The only thing we will say is that if you are looking to share the herb love with friends, this may not be the unit for you. The DaVinci Dry Herb Vaporizer is intended for personal use, and we can confirm that it dominates vaporizers in the field.

The DaVinci portable vaporizer is incredibly easy to use, starting with the slide up power switch located on the side of the unit. It is worth mentioning the power, as the device needs to be switched to the “ON” position in order to charge. You can plug it in for hours on end, but if you don’t have the power set to the “ON” setting, nothing will happen.

There are three silver buttons on the front of the vaporizer. The first two control the temperature at which your dry herb is vaped at, with temperatures somewhere in the range of 370 degrees Fahrenheit being the optimum number for most. You can quickly and easily move the temperature up and down until your find the setting that is right for you. The third button is what gets the entire vaping process going.

Once you have the heating tube in the process of getting to your desired temperature, you can take your dry herb and start to load up the unit. This is about as easy as it gets. The mouthpiece section at the top of the unit is essentially held in place by a magnet, which means all you have to do is lift it up to reveal the tube area where your materials are loaded. Once it’s filled, the mouthpiece simply snaps snugly back into place. You will know when the temperature you want has been achieved, as the red light on the front of the device will turn green. Once you get the all clear, you are good to go with your vaping.

This is the perfect unit for both those who are new to dry herb vaping, as well as the seasoned pro looking for a great portable unit. The DaVinci kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a wall charger, an herb grinder, a little built-in tamper tool, replacement screens, a flex straw and a few oil cans in case you’d rather vape essential oils. Yes, this unit may be a fraction of the cost of the big volcano units, but it delivers a brilliant explosion of flavor.

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