Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer Review


The Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer changes the vaping game.  Innovative and portable, this advanced technology vaporizer offers flavorful hits and takes the world of vaping to a whole new level!  Using dry herbs only, the IQ is a 360-degree, conduction-heating vaporizer that utilizes several unique features to give you a vaping experience like no other.

Easy to Use

With a sleek and portable design, the IQ is easy and stealthy to take with you for whatever kind of setting you want to use it in.  LED lights on the front display the temperature of the vaporizer, and the buttons on the side give you the capability to move the temperature up and down throughout your session.  A removable 18650 battery and Micro USB charging port gives the vaporizer the capability to not only easily charge but also hold a charge that’s going to last.  The vape also includes a long mouthpiece that makes it easy for you to get a good pull with little draw resistance, and haptic feedback, otherwise known as vibration alerts, that let you know when you vape is ready to use.

Sturdy Materials

The mouthpiece and the vapor path are made out of ceramic zirconia. This material is tough against wear and tear compared to other ceramic materials, and also has the ability to withstand a high-temperature capacity.  So not only is the IQ going to be able to heat up, but it’s also

  going to be durable enough to handle it.

Great Design & Features

On the end opposite of the mouthpiece is the chamber cover. This chamber includes a ball-like shape which is referred to as a pearl.  The pearl fits perfectly into the chamber and helps to heat up the herb completely, giving you more bang for your buck.  Underneath the mouthpiece is the flavor chamber which helps to cool down the vapor.  You can leave the flavor chamber empty or you can fill it with dry herb to enhance your experience with the IQ. 

Smart Technology

In addition to these awesome features, this dry herb vaporizer also includes an awesome app that you download and pair your vaporizer with over Bluetooth.  Besides being able to turn the IQ on and off, the app also includes customizable features called Smart Paths which help to control the temperature of the oven during your sessions.  During a ten minute session, you can program the vape to increase in temperature at whatever intervals you want. All you have to do is set your preference and then sit back and let the vape hit your sweet spots.

Temperature Control

Lastly, this innovative vaporizer also includes a Boost Mode.  By holding down the power button on the side of the vaporizer, you can make up arrows appear on the LED display.  At this point, the temperature will start to increase until you let go of the button.  This gives you the capability to have complete manual control of the vaporizer temperature at all times. 

The Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer makes controlling your vaping experience as easy as clicking a few buttons.  You’ll not only be able to control the temperature and therefore make sure you utilize all the herbs inside, but you’ll also be able to enjoy flavorful hits from quality vapor.  All you have to do is set your settings, sit back and let the vaporizer do the rest.