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Dab Mod Nano Vape pen

Dab Mod Nano Vape pen



Kit Includes:
(1) 650mah Battery
(1) 510 thread mouthpiece
(1) Metal Cover
(1) Magnetic Base
(1) Dual Quartz Coil
(1) Dab Tool
(1) USB Charger
(1) Instructions
(1) Gift Box

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The Dab Mod Nano is plain and simple the bang for the buck. There is no better deal than this for a vape pen performing this well. The Nano is designed for solid concentrates such as wax, shatter, resin, crumble and thick oil. The Nano vape pen comes with two coils, a donut and a dual quartz therefore you can take both preloaded on the go with different solid concentrates if you'd like. Most parts are magnetic therefore taking it apart and putting it back together can be done in a blink of an eye. You are also able to choose between five colors such as stainless steel, black, white, blue and red. Please see the video above to witness the simple assembly and performance of this awesome vaporizer. This kit comes with absolutely everything you need to start dabbing and more! If you are unsure whether this vape is right for you, please visit our Top Rated Vaporizers section in order to learn which are voted the best and why.

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excellent performer

Reviewed on 6/20/19, By Kate
Love this Dab Mod pen. I ordered the extra ceramic chamber, cuz the rods are too harsh for me. Really like this. Can't beat the price. It does tend to clog up at tines, but just clean off the upper part of the mouthpiece and good to go! Have given two as gifts and they also work great. My friends loved them.
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excellent performer!!

Reviewed on 5/7/19, By Kate
I have a few different vape pens for dabbing. For the money, you can't beat this pen. Very well made! I like this much better than the Kandypens Galaxy pen. The Kandypens give off too much vapor and make me cough like crazy and seem to scorch the concentrate.
You can get a bigger draw on this pen if you like lots of clouds, but it's also easier to take a smaller hit if desired with this pen. I did buy the extra ceramic dish for this pen, but really don't need it. The wrapped coils do not get too hot, so they don't burn your concentrates. Also, the ceramic dish needs to be cleaned more often, it tends to get clogged after awhile or if filled too high.. Easy enough to clean the chamber with isopropyl alcohol. Love the magnetic mouthpiece cap, so much easier than screwing the top on and off.
I also own the Lynx Hypnos, which is my fave dab pen. The Cannastick Dab Mod runs a very close 2nd. Came back and bought 2 more. At this price, why not!
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