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Crafty+ Vaporizer


Crafty+ Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
1 CRAFTY+ Vaporizer
1 USB-C Cable
3 Base Seal Ring, small
3 Normal Screen, small
3 Coarse Screen, small
1 Dosing Capsule
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Instruction for Use (concise)
1 Safety Instructions
3 Year Warranty

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dry herb and wax

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If you are already a fan of the German engineered Crafty vaporizer, you will be happy to know that the Crafty Plus is even more awesome than its predecessor. The long draws, consistent flavor and powerful hits are now comparable to the Mighty Vaporizer, which is amazing since the Mighty is significantly larger. The Crafty and Crafy+ are the same size but somehow, Storz & Bickel was able to double its battery life. You are able to expect five to nine full sessions per charge and the charge time has been cut to only one and a half hours. The presets for temperature controls are set via the Crafty mobile app which are then linked to the device up until you change them in the future. This is of course optional as you don't have to use the app unless you want specific increments in temperature. When it comes to Storz & Bickel vaporizers like the Crafty+ there is emphasis put on its temperature controls. You may ask why that is since many other vapes have temperature regulators? This is because unlike other vapes, when you set a Storz & Bickel vape to for example 350°F the oven heat will be 350°F on the dot. With the Crafty, you get what you pay for and for this price, you can expect it to be perfect.

Original Crafty Description

If you are searching for a new vaporizer for dry herbal blends, the team at Portable Hookahs has the perfect solution. We offer the Crafty Vaporizer, a unique device that comes with several features, and it looks great too. When you place an order with Portable Hookahs, you will receive more than just the Crafty Vaporizer. This kit comes with spare seal rings, a cleaning brush, liquid pad, and plenty more accessories that you would not expect with a portable vape. This device makes vaping simple and easy, and it can be yours today for one low price. If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with the Portable Hookahs team. Please watch the video above to learn everything you need to know regarding the Crafty. You may also read the professional review for more informaiton. Thank you, happy shopping and #VAPEON

The Crafty Vaporizer Kit comes with a grinder, extra seal rings, cleaning materials, screens, and more… basically, everything you need for the perfect vape session, whether you’re smoking dry herb or concentrates! This excellent vape kit is perfect for its portability, durability, and its ability to connect with your smartphone to provide just the vape experience you’re looking for. When looking for a vaporizer, you need to understand that you get what you pay for. The Crafty Vape is made my Storz & Bickel. It is important to know that this is a German company and all vapes from this company are German engineered. As most of you already know, there isn't better engineering out there. Therefore, the Crafty will be the last vape you will ever need.

Portable and Durable

The Crafty is lightweight, fits comfortably in one hand, has an ergonomic design, and is easy to tote around. Put it in your pocket or bag while you’re on the go. The battery lasts for several sessions, so it’s great even if you’re gone for hours at a time. The quality hard-shell case is easy to grip, stays cool during use, and is super durable so it’ll stay in one piece during all your travels.

Lots of Settings

Choose from “normal” or “boost mode” settings to get exactly the power and heat setting you’re looking for! You can even use the complimentary phone app, which is built for both Apple and Android, to further control your settings. Use this app to control the brightness of the vape’s LED lights, modify the default temperature settings to your liking, see the real-time temperature inside the vape’s chamber, and more.

Vibration Feature Indicates Shutoff

Instead of just having blinking lights like most other vapes, the Crafty has a subtle vibration that indicates when you turn it on, when it has reached the right temperature, and when it’s about to shut off.

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