How to choose a dry herb vaporizer?


Choosing a dry herb vaporizer can be tricky. Portable Hookahs will help you break down the options with our best sellers.

Will you be traveling with your vaporizer?

For travel use:

Handheld vaporizers are the most popular. Because of this, the options make it very difficult to choose from.

The bang for the buck. These are three impressive vaporizers under $100 that will be perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts alike. The APX and the Compass both have full temperature controls and this could help vaporize herbs with higher and lower levels of moisture properly. The Jump vape pen in the center is the easiest to use with only one perfect heat setting of 392°F.

High quality for your money. These vaporizers are under $200 while performing and functioning just like the most expensive vapes on the market. Each design here is clever. The AirVape (1st one) is futuristic and will most definitely get you compliments. The CFV in the center has a powerful long lasting battery with a full convection heating chamber. The G Pen Elite (third option) has an ergonomic design with full temperature controls just like the other options. This is a great device for vaping in stealth mode.


The fancy category. These vapes are stunning and will perfectly vaporize dry herbs as well as concentrates. We can call these the Dual Use Vaporizers. You will not think of upgrading for quite some time after purchasing one of these. These three devices are top of the line therefore you will not be disappointed regardless of which you go with. You are able to choose what you feel is more esthetically pleasing to you and know that the brands warranty department will take care of you many years to come.


For home only use:

If you will only be using your vape at home, we highly recommend a desktop vaporizer. They are a bit pricey in comparison to the average portable unit, however they do not require you to charge them and always perform with full power because they use an outlet. For social use at home with friends, this will be the ideal option.


What to look out for in order to avoid buyer's remorse:

When buying a dry herb vaporizer, many customers can make a mistake by going for a lower priced vape pen that has dry herb capabilities. The only available dry herb vape pens that will fully vaporize your dry herbal material without combustion is the Atmos Boss and the Atmos Jump. All other pen options labeled "dual use" will combust your material and should only be used for concentrates. If you are set on a pen style dry herb unit, please choose from the following only: