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CFX+ Vaporizer


CFX+ Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) CFX+ Vaporizer
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Stir Tool
(1) USB-C Charger
(1) User Manual
~Heats 250°F - 430°F
~3 Year Warranty

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The CFX+ from Boundless is a new and highly advanced vaporizer. This model is an evolution of the already great original CFX vape, adding improvements and new features to deliver an even more impressive experience for users. While the CFX was a fantastic vaporizer, the CFX+ is on a different level.

The CFX+ is a dry herb vaporizer, therefore users will need to use ground, dry, or raw herb with the device in order for it to function. Right off the bat, those who owned the original CFX will notice that the CFX+ has a smaller overall design while still being a superior product. This decrease in size helps to make the device even more portable than it once was. This design is a box-like shape with grooves all around the device that make it easier to grip and hold. On the outside of the device users will find an upgraded user interface. This digital interface displays all sorts of important information, such as battery life, the current heating temperature along with the selected heating temperature, the preset temperature level, and an auto shut-off timer. This display also allows users to access a display and settings menu in full color.

One new feature that was not present in the original CFX vaporizer is the introduction of a zirconia cooling airpath. This new feature does exactly what is says, cooling the vapor as it moves from the chamber to the mouthpiece. By cooling the vapor, users should have hits that are smoother and more enjoyable overall. Users should find that the vapor produced by the CFX+ is not only cooler than that of the original CFX, but also more flavorful as well.


Using the device is very simple and easy. First remove the magnetic mouthpiece from the top of the device. The device is then ready for you to load. To do this, simply put your desired amount of herb into the ceramic heating chamber. An oven tool is included with the device that should help to arrange and pack in your herb. Once you have finished loading the heating chamber, place the mouthpiece back on top of the device. From there, you can power the CFX+ on and begin using it.

The device charges through USB-C charging, and users should be able to reach a full charge in less than an hour. This extremely fast charging time is due to USB-C charging, which is becoming more and more popular among modern vaporizers. After charging their device to full capacity, users can expect to get around six to eight sessions from the CFX+.


The temperature range of the CFX+ is 250 degrees Fahrenheit on the low end to 430 degrees Fahrenheit on the high end. This is a precise control range and one that should provide suitable temperature options for users no matter what type of experience they are looking for with the device. However, the CFX+ also comes with a few preset temperatures, which include 378, 400, 414, and 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

The CFX+ features a non-combustion heating mechanism, which helps to ensure that your herb will not get burned when heating. This heating technology also helps to provide users with the best possible vapor quality when having a session.


The CFX+ is a portable device, as its reduced size makes it very easy to take on the go. Everyone should find the CFX+ easy to toss into a bag or even a pocket when they need to go somewhere. The quick charging time helps to make the device very portable as well, as it can be charged at a moments notice before heading out. Also, with a heat up time of around 30 seconds, you won’t have to worry about standing around and waiting to have a session. Overall, the CFX+ is an excellent choice of vaporizer for anyone who places a high value on portability.

What the Portable Hookahs team has concluded

The CFX+ is a great investment for anyone looking for a new premier vaporizer. This device is even a good investment for those that currently own the original CFX model. It may seem like a pointless upgrade for some, but the plus is definitely a step above the original model. The device comes included with a three year manufacturer warranty, along with a 90 day warranty on the battery. The CFX+ also comes packaged with a cleaning brush, a magnetic stir tool, a USB-C charger and a user manual. This vaporizer can be purchased for approximately $200. This price is due to the overall astounding quality that the device provides. The warranty on the device also ensures that users will not spend their money on a device that stops working shortly after it is purchased. If you find yourself searching for a new vaporizer, definitely consider the CFX+. This is a top of the line vape that will not disappoint.

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