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CFC Lite Vaporizer


CFC Lite Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) CFC Lite Vape
(1) 18350 Removable Battery
(1) Cleaning Tool
(1) Packing/Stirring Tool
(1) Micro USB Charger
(5) Oven Screens
(1) Instruction Manual
~Convection/Conduction Hybrid
~3 Year Warranty

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The CFC Lite vaporizer is engineered as the perfect little vape for travelers who like to enjoy their cannabis on the go. With a height of just under four inches, this device can store up to 0.4 grams and run between 3-5 sessions with a full charge. The ceramic heating chamber uses the conduction/convection hybrid heating method to ensure consistent vaping quality. A removable 18350 battery is used to power the CFC Lite therefore you can always have extra batteries for long travels.

How to operate?

Using this device is very simple. After a full charge, you will want to grind up your dry herb and sprinkle it into the heating chamber. To power on this vaporizer, you can click the power button 5 times rapidly just as most other vapes on the market. Once on, you can switch between three temperature settings by simply holding down the power button for three seconds.

When using dry herbs, having these three temperature settings is crucial. The reason for that is some herbs have higher moisture levels requiring more heat while herbs more dry require less heat. Also, sometimes vapers just want to crank up the heat until the vapor is mixed with smoke.

Why get the CFC Lite?

This vape is intended to provide you with the vaping quality of the popular CFX vaporizer (competitor to the Mighty vaporizer) Since the CF and CFX vaporizer is too bulky for travel, many voiced their opinions for a smaller version. Boundless tech listened to their customers and provided. This is the bang for the buck when looking for a small portable vaporizer with temperature controls. At this price, it is the best there is #VapeLife

CFC Lite Temp Presets

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