CF Vaporizer


CF Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) CF Unit
(1) Liquid/Concentrate Container
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Stir/Packing Tool
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) User Manual

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The Boundless CF is certainly a unique dual use vaporizer. With a great design that allows the device to fit right into your hand, the Boundless CF is a great addition to anyone’s vape collection. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this vaporizer sticks out from the rest of the pack.

Manufacturer Description

This is what Boundless had to say about their product: “The Boundless CF combines ergonomic style with hybrid convection/conduction heating technology to allow comfortable and efficient draws from the user. Featuring a fully isolated air path that provides the fullest flavor of your herbs and simultaneously cools the air to eliminate any irritation caused by combustion smoke.” Boundless highlights the unique hybrid heating of the machine, along with the comfortable and convenient experience that users will receive.

The device is powered by an internal 1900 mAh battery, which is easily charged by a USB port located on the device. The CF can be fully charged in around two and a half hours, and one charge usually allows for a user to have about 10-15 sessions. Those using the CF will also always know when they need to charge it, as the device has a digital indicator that will display it’s battery life.

Made with Beginners in Mind

While those who feel like they are more experienced with vaporizers will still be pleased with the Boundless CF, the device has been designed to be the perfect entry point to the world of vaporizers for those less experienced. This is very apparent when looking at the heating system of the CF, which is a hybrid convection/conduction system. In a world where there are hundreds of different vaporizers, each with their own unique heating system, it can be confusing for consumers to figure out which device is a good fit for them. The CF helps potential buyers out by eliminating the need to even make the choice between convection and conduction, opting to use both methods. Along with this dual heating method, the Boundless CF is a 2-in-1 dual use vaporizer, meaning that it can work with dry herbs or wax concentrates. Again, this is great for those new to vaporizers, as they may want to experiment around to figure out what they like and dislike. The CF is the perfect device for this trial-and-error practice.

The design of the CF also shows who it is made for. The mouthpiece on the device is very interesting, as it can actually glide in and out of place, making it far more portable and convenient to carry when it is not being used. This mouthpiece is made of medical grade plastic and most users will find it comfortable to use. The device also has a built in auto-shutoff feature. After five minutes of inactivity, the device will power itself off, saving power and preventing any potential accidents. You never know when you might forget to turn it off after using it, so this feature is definitely a convenient one, especially for beginners.

The Boundless CF is practically ready to use right when users take it out of the box. If you’ve never used a vaporizer before, don’t worry. This is the perfect product for you. The included user manual will also help to answer any questions that may arise while you become familiar with the device and its capabilities. However, you are unlikely to have any confusion when attempting to use this vaporizer, as it is extremely user-friendly.

Heating Capabilities

As previously mentioned, the CF utilizes a hybrid heating system to heat its herbs. Through the use of both convection and conduction, the CF heating system ensures that your herbs will be heated in a balanced and consistent fashion.

The device has five preset temperatures, ranging from 355 degrees Fahrenheit to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are displayed right on the outside of the box, allowing users to easily select their preference and experiment with them if they want. Once you’ve selected your preferred temperature, the device will heat up your herbs in around 25 seconds, allowing you to begin using it very quickly.


The CF is definitely one of the most portable vaporizers on the market today. The device is small enough to fit into your hand, and it will likely be able to fit into a large pocket as well, making it easy to take with you wherever you happen to go. Of course, this small size means that the Boundless CF will also easily fit into any bag or purse that you might have.

While the Boundless CF is not as discreet as some other vaporizers out there may be, it still should not attract a large amount of attention. While it does not have the inconspicuous shape of a vape pen, the box-like design still allows it to easily be used casually in public.

What’s in the Box

The Boundless CF comes packaged with some great accessories. Those that purchase the device will receive the CF unit, the liquid/concentrate container, and a USB charging cable. Users will also receive a stir tool, cleaning brush, and user manual. All in all, those that purchase the Boundless CF will be perfectly set up to enjoy their new vaporizer for a long time. This vaporizer is the perfect piece for those that are starting a new collection.

Key Takeaways

If you are a newcomer to the world of vaporizers, the Boundless CF is the perfect entry point. This device does everything that a first vaporizer needs to do, and it performs extremely well. While beginners will love this device and praise its ease of use, those who are more experienced with vaporizers will also appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness that the CF provides. At a price of $109.99, the CF is a relatively inexpensive option for those looking to buy their first vaporizer, or add a new one to their shelves.

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