As a long term weed smoker, you might be asking yourself if there are any benefits to switching over to a vaporizer. The answer is a clear and resounding yes. YES, there are definitely benefits and perhaps after considering them, you’ll make up your mind to invest in a vape that will be a long term investment.

In case you didn’t deduct that from my previous statement, although vapes can be quite expensive (depending on make and model) they definitely are an investment in the long run and may even end up saving you a pretty penny over the next few years. Unless you have money to spend, I’m assuming most average Joes are firstly concerned about the initial cost of setting yourself up with a vape and all the extras that come with it. Although the initial cost can be high, there’s several really affordable, and might I say decent vapes out there for beginners. The once off cost will eventually even out with all the products you would have purchased if you didn’t switch. So don’t let the cost of it deter you from making the leap to vaping. Portable Hookahs has a great How to choose a vaporizer guide to help you select a perfect vape for yourself.

Another great reason to switch is there’s so many options out there. If the cost of the vapes isn’t a deterrent to you, you have the option of having more than one vape in your collection. Not to mention stocking up on some nifty accessories such as water pipes and larger bong type vapes. I definitely consider variety a big reason for making the switch.

Have I mentioned that vapes are more discreet? This in turn means that you will have more freedom to vape on-the-go. Although vaping doesn’t eliminate the weed smell, the scent fades away much faster while still delivering the same result.

Speaking of same results, a lot of vapes come with temperature control which allows you to have control over the potency of your clouds. You might need to take a few more puffs than you would a joint, but in the end it delivers the same punch at optimal temperatures.

One of the many benefits of vaping vs smoking is the elimination of many health risks. Yes, smoking weed is in itself healthier than smoking cigarettes but the main reason smoking is so dangerous is the combustion of tobacco. So if you compare smoking cannabis to vaping it, of course vaping is healthier because it eliminates combustion altogether. Vaping also allows you to taste the flavor notes more due eliminating the combustion factor.

So, not only will you be healthier you’ll also experience weed in a whole new and better way if you choose to make the switch!