There has long been a debate centered around which method of cannabis use was superior: vaping or smoking. While many are rooted in their own preferred method, there are several concrete reasons that would suggest vaping is a far better way to use than smoking.

Easier on your place of residence

            Vaping dry herbs can go a long way towards making sure your entire house does not smell like marijuana 24/7. Smoking marijuana causes furniture and other fabric items to absorb toxins created by the smoke. This can leave a lasting smell that can make its way throughout your entire residence if it isn’t taken care of quickly. This smell can be extremely difficult to get rid of even if you have the necessary supplies.Vaping on the other hand has a much lighter odor that may not cling to fabric surfaces at all. Whether you have company over often or you are primarily alone, keeping a clean, odor-free house is important, and vaping makes this much easier to accomplish.

The Healthier option

Vaporizing is much healthier for your lungs than traditional smoking is. Smoking dry herbs often produces smoke and debris that is hot enough to damage your lungs. Vaping heats up substances as well, but not high enough to actually burn anything. This lower heat can ensure that your lungs stay good and healthy. It will also enhance your experience, as inhaling will likely feel much easier on your lungs when you vape, due to the lack of smoke.

In addition to promoting lung health, vaporizing dry herbs can potentially be healthier for your skin when compared to smoking. The smoke produced by smoking dry herbs has been known to cause wrinkles in some cases. Since vaping does not produce any smoke, you are at less risk to develop wrinkles over time. Having no fire and no smoke also significantly reduces the chance of accidentally starting a fire. It may be a small risk even when smoking, but while vaping it is virtually nonexistent.

These health benefits may not seem very important, but they can help to ensure your body stays in peak condition as you continue to vape. Of all the reasons to choose vaping over smoking, the health benefits might be the most important.

Convenient to carry

One of the biggest benefits of vaping dry herbs is the ability to discreetly carry your vaporizer around with you almost anywhere. Vaporizers are often small and inconspicuous looking, making them easy to stick in a pocket or bag. They are also easier to use if you are worried about anyone potentially noticing you, as the vapor produced is not as strong smelling as the smoke that is normally produced from cannabis.

This portability may not seem like a big deal, but being able to take your vaporizer with you anywhere can be extremely convenient and handy. You never know when you might suddenly be in the mood to use it, and with a vaporizer you’ll never not have it when you want it. Instead of having to carry around all of your materials and spend time getting ready to smoke, when you vape all you need to do is make sure your vaporizer is charged.

More efficient to use

Vaping has been shown to produce far stronger effects than smoking. While this may been a negative to some, many people like knowing that they don’t have to vape nearly as much to receive their desired feeling. Knowing this can make it easy to simply pull out your vaporizer and use it before putting it back up after a few seconds. Vaporizing dry herbs can be a long process, but it can also be a quick one if necessary.

When smoking dry herbs, much can go to waste if the user isn’t careful. If you don’t pay attention, you may go to smoke and then realize that you’ve burned up a large amount of your cannabis without even noticing. This problem is not an issue when vaping. Vapor only appears when you directly use it, meaning you won’t waste any on accident. This also makes sharing your vaporizer much more convenient, as you won’t have to worry about wasting your cannabis when passing it around. This efficiency can be a great way to save some money as well, since you won’t be burning through cannabis as quickly.

More control

Purchasing dry herbs with the intention to smoke them can sometimes leave a lot to the unknown. Smoking can potentially be difficult to control, as a lot of factors are virtually set in stone before you even begin to smoke. You can do things to change the experience such as selecting different strains of cannabis, but it will be difficult to have as much flexibility as those who you vaporizers have.

With vaping, it is much easier for the user to tailor the experience to be exactly what they desire. There is an incredible variety of vaporizers on the market today, all with their own specific strengths and benefits. Many will even allow you to set your own preferred temperature. Vaporizing also lets you choose strains that have their own pronounced flavors and differences. It can be easier to create an enjoyable experience without any risk of something going awry.


            Everyone has their own preferences, but many have found vaporizing dry herbs to be an easier and safer alternative to smoking them. Vaporizers are extremely portable and won’t draw too much attention to you no matter where you are. These small gadgets allow users to create an experience suited to their wants and needs, ensuring that there are not any surprises. They are a healthier option than smoking, as vaporizers are easier on your lungs and skin. Overall, vaping dry herbs is a convenient and modern option to smoking, so give it a try if you haven’t already.