In the past few months, as states have begun to legalize marijuana for recreational use, a new trend has started to emerge in some Western states: Cannabis bars as a feature at weddings.

According to an article late last month from The Daily Beast, these so-called “weed weddings” have enjoyed a high tide of popularity in the four states that currently permit recreational use. Multiple new businesses have spawned from this trend, including Colorado’s CannaBride and Love and Marij. These companies, and others starting to follow in their footsteps, help cannabis-friendly brides and grooms find vendors, florists, venues and more that specialize in putting on weddings events where instead of an open bar, guests can ask a budtender for a vapeable or smokeable strain.

The New York Times also touched on marijuana marriages in an article back in July, noting that pot use is “out of the closet now,” according to Kelli Bielema, the owner of Shindig Events in Seattle who was quoted in the article. Use has become more commonplace in these states and at these social occasions, with both traditional and modern consumption methods playing a part. The articles both point to different examples of wedding favors, including a box of rolled joints being passed around like cigars, portable vaporizers being placed as sharable table favors like bottles of wine for the table or even designed lounges for people to enjoy smoking, vaping or using a hookah to partake of the formerly taboo plant.

With Alaska and Oregon now moving into full acceptance alongside Colorado and Washington, this trend seems poised to only continue expanding in popularity, potentially even driving up demand for destination weddings in these states. As recreational use legalization efforts continue in states around the nation, look for marijuana bars and cannabis-friendly couples hosting “weed weddings” to only continue to become more and more accepted in the future.