There are a number of different ways to relax and get out the stresses of the day. Some people like to have a relaxing massage, while others get out the marijuana vaporizer and indulge in a little herbal calming. What if there was a way to combine weed and massage together? How relaxing would that be? With marijuana becoming legal in a growing number of states, the number of businesses off-shooting from the weed industry is beginning to grow. It really was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of a marijuana themed spa treatment, and now it has happened.

Head out to Englewood, Colorado and you will discover a day spa called Primal Wellness, which was founded by Danielle Martel back in 2009. The big difference between this spa and all the others out there is that all of the services and treatments with a little bit of cannabis added into the mix. This isn’t a case of reefer madness we are talking about here, as it has long been known that topical cannabis comes with a number of great benefits. It simply took the legalization of weed for all of this good stuff to finally become possible.

It should be noted that Primal Wellness is not a place intended solely for stoners looking for a relaxing rubdown. The cannabis used there does not contain any THC, so do not expect to get some sort of contact high from the candle smoke being blown around the room. Like any good day spa, Primal Wellness is all about making you feel relaxed and comfortable, and by all accounts, they are succeeding in that mission. If you still want to get a little high after your massage, you may want to pack a hookah pen into your day bag.

The oils that are used for the massage come in a host of different little tropical sounding mixtures, but the benefits that they deliver are more than just a pleasing scent. You can expect to pay about $95 for a 60-minute massage, which, if you check around traditional day spas, is not a ridiculous amount of money. What that should tell you is that Martel is not trying to cash in on the current marijuana craze, but that what she is trying to do is make more people aware of the benefits of topical cannabis.

There are still some people in the medical community who are skeptical about this particular use of cannabis, but Martel, as well as a host of other people, tell stories that would lead you to believe otherwise. Martel moved to Colorado from Florida when her doctor advised her that marijuana might be able to help with her bipolar disorder. That has indeed been the case, and now Martel wants to make sure that as many people as possible get to reap those medical benefits. If you believe in the power of topical cannabis, then you may want to book an appointment at Primal Wellness.