When it comes to vaping, there are many different changes and modifications that you can make to your portable device to change the vapor level, harshness of the hit and the flavor intensity. With most weed vaporizers, the main method to tweak your experience is variable temperature control, which allows you to increase or decrease the heat level inside to manipulate the vaporization of the herbs, wax or oil that you are vaping. However, with ecigarettes there are different options in variable wattage, variable voltage and different atomizer resistance levels.

Variable Voltage

Variable voltage is most like the changeable temperature setting on a weed vaporizer, as this setting is often increased to produce a higher level of vapor by pushing more electricity to the atomizer, thus increasing the intensity of heat produced within the coil. These devices have been around for many years, and are among the more common first mods that vapers make to improve their vaping experience. Many users also will partner variable voltage devices with high-resistance atomizers that can better accommodate the increased power than a standard or low-resistance version. However, pushing this higher level of energy can run batteries out more quickly and cause atomizers to burn out faster. Variable voltage batteries can also be used with some models of weed vaporizer, like the Cannastick Variable Voltage Battery that works with the company’s dry herb, oil and wax variants.

Variable Wattage

Batteries with variable wattage are among the newest options on the market and allow vapers to set their overall device setting to a specific energy level. As you’re probably familiar, light bulbs are packaged at different wattage levels, with higher wattages generally being brighter than those at lower settings. The same is true of ecigs, where a higher wattage setting will produce a higher level of vapor than a lower setting. VapersVoice notes that unlike voltage, setting the wattage is setting the overall device energy output, with most devices detecting the resistance level of your cartomizer and matching the voltage level to produce the desired wattage output. The site also offers a great resistance vs. voltage chart to help find the exact right overall wattage setting.

How Does Atomizer Resistance Affect These?

Low-, standard- and high-resistance atomizers are a final way for vapers to adjust their experience. As a general rule, the higher the resistance of the atomizer – measured in ohms – the more voltage is required to hit an ideal wattage level for vaping. Low-resistance atomizers are great for those vapers with a standard battery who want to increase their vapor output without investing in changing out their batter. On the other end, a high-resistance atomizer will provide more resilience, meaning that it can handle the increased voltage from a variable wattage or voltage battery. With both a high-resistance atomizer and variable battery, vapers can reach higher power levels than are possible with standard ecig kits, allowing them to try higher and lower settings to find the perfect balance of vapor cloud, harshness of drag and flavor intensity that works for them.

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