All of us take for granted the freedoms that we have living in the United States and other democratic countries, but very few of us pay attention to the price that others pay in helping to maintain those freedoms. The men and women who serve in the military are on the front lines every single day that they serve, and they feel a huge amount of pressure even in the times when we are not in conflict. Take a moment to imagine what sort of toll that might take on you of you were placed in such a position, and you may well begin to understand why so many of the men and women who serve have a problem re-adjusting to civilian life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is very real, and all too many of our brave military personnel suffer from it. Many who find themselves in that position have found that marijuana can help ease the symptoms of PTSD, yet they are left to feel as though they are criminals, as they need to go the back alley route in order to get their hands on the materials that they will use in their cannabis vaporizers. You have to question why the people who have served their country in such a brave fashion are left to suffer when there is something out there that has proven effective in the treatment.

The Washington Legislature is finally starting to come around, and they have decided that PTSD and traumatic injuries can be added to the list of ailments for which medical marijuana can be prescribed. The studies done on the effect that marijuana has on PTSD have proven inconclusive so far, but there are enough personal stories from people reaping the benefits to suggest that being able to have marijuana in vaporizers will have a positive effect on PTSD patients.

At this current time, it is believed that an average of 22 former military members take their own lives on a daily basis. That is a number that is altogether too high, and is a clear indication that we have a problem that needs to be seriously addressed. That is why advocate groups such as Twenty22Many are taking up the cause and trying to ensure that people in need get the treatment that they deserve for the service that they provided. The fact that Washington now appears to be on board is a sure sign that the tide is starting to turn in the right direction.

There definitely has to be more research into how using cannabis vaporizers can be so effective in the treatment of PTSD, as it may be certain strains that work better than others. It is also worth noting that many people who have had seen a reduction of their symptoms when using weed have reported that they felt fully better after also getting counseling and therapy. There is no easy fix for those who suffer from PTSD, but at least the government now seems more willing to accept that marijuana is an integral part of the solution.