Vaporizers have made their way into popular culture thanks to celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg talking about them, and rapper Wiz Khalifa spitting out rhymes about them. Some may view it as a yuppie trend, but you cannot argue the fact that vaporizer pens are big right now. Heck, celebs even have their own models, as witnessed by the Snoop Dogg Vaporizer Pen.

Grenco Science have jumped all over the celebrity trend and turned the vaporizer into a fashion accessory. It was they who pulled Snoop Dogg into the scene by branding his name, as well as a street map of Long Beach, California, all over their vaporizer pen. The result was a stunning looking device that was as much about form as it was function.

The man behind Grenco Science is Chris Folkerts, a 32-year old veteran of the music industry who saw music, fashion, and the vape pen as being the perfect mix. Grenco took it a step further by hosting a series of free concerts in the summer, featuring punk rockers Trash Talk, with the goal being to promote their new album, as well as a branded vaporizer pen. Another company following this track is Trippy Stix, who have vape pens branded with rappers 2 Chainz and Juicy J.

The vape world has certainly evolved from the big desktop vaporizers like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, as the need for a portable unit grows. Along with that need comes the desire to be different and trendy, which is exactly what Grenco delivers with their lifestyle brands. Those pens have now move out of the smoke shops and into places like skate and surf shops, not to mention boutique shops both online and off.

Besides the skate shops in the likes of New York and Las Vegas, boutique stores are now finding a way to make the vape pen a real fashion accessory. For example, Company 54 in New York has a vape pen/patent-leather clutch combo, while Hypebeast, an online store, has paired up a vaporizer pen with a limited run of Nike Air Max Sneakers.

While these combinations have all been carefully placed together by designers and such, the average Joe, and Jane for that matter, have caught on to the trend and started using the dry herb vaporizer as an accessory to their existing style. It certainly helps that there are so many different options to choose from, and the 510 connector means that you can piece parts together to create the Frankenstein’s monster of devices.

This is why the online stores such as like to remain the king of the industry, as they can carry a huge selection of vape pens and accessories that can deliver to every taste. While some might go for a cool look of the Atmos Raw Vaporizer Pen, others might go for the more unique looking Magic Flight Launch Box. The options are wide and varied, and may even reach a point where people start to have a vape pen for every occasion.