One of the more confusing aspects of vaping is the temperature settings. To a beginner, this seems odd because they can’t seem to figure if there is an optimal temperature to burn cannabis in a vaporizer. In the olden days, marijuana got “burned”, so the heat setting was always the same. However, vaporizers work differently, and their performances are more dependent on the temperature at which the herb is being heated. Hopefully, this explanation will clarify some things about temperature settings and their effects on the herb you are vaping.

Just a brief course in technique, let’s explain how vaping works. When you put your herb in the chamber of a portable vaporizer and press the button, it heats the contents. This in turn releases “canniboids” and “terpinoids” from the leaves of your product. These are the things that get you high. They are then mixed into the vapor that makes its way through the vaporizer and into your lungs. Now, rules of physics. The more dense these “canniboids” and “terpinoids” are in your vapor, the more high you will become when you inhale it. The only thing left to understand is that the higher the temperature, the more “oids” are released into the vapor.

Let’s assume that there are two types of high. The first we will call a light high, meaning one that you can sustain during the day. This will create a certain philosophical high that will still leave you energetic but also causes a type of mental high. This can be accomplished through lower temperature settings as it minimizes the number of “oids” being released. On the other hand we have a heavy high. This is the more intense high that is aimed at pain relieving. It is less of a mental high and more of a body high. This is accomplished at higher temperature settings on vaporizers, as this causes the release of more “oids”.

So to answer the question, is there an ideal temperature setting? That depends on personal preferences. There is a direct relationship between the temperature setting of the vaporizer and the type of high you will experience. The trick is to utilize the settings to determine what your ideal high is. This will probably vary from person to person, taking into account tolerances and other factors. When looking at the temperature settings of a vaporizer, it is purely subjective what the ideal level of “oid” intake is. The temperature setting only assists in the separation of them from the herb, which is why it’s up to you to figure out which one works best for you.