In the world of vapor, there are two main contenders in terms of devices: Vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers. While that may seem like a simple semantical differentiation, the truth is that you can tell a lot about a device based on which category it falls under. Unlike books, these you can often judge by their cover, and several factors come into play in deciding which is best for you.

First, vaporizer pens are simple-to-use and highly portable devices that – unsurprisingly – get their name from their form factor. Vape pens are compact and offer a simple design, most often resembling a pen or large marker. These devices vary in their additional features, with some being usable with only wax and oil or just dry herbs, or sometimes any and all materials. Vaporizer pens also most resemble the typical ecigarette that you’ve probably seen – or even use yourself – and offer vapers a great combination of portability and “puffability.”

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, typically include a far more involved device that offers users a more complex vaping experience and robust features. Many of these devices tend to have a more boxy form factor, with many looking more like a pack of cigarettes than vaporizer pens. These vaporizers also tend to offer far more customization options, including temperature setting adjustment, LED screens, additional control features (as opposed to “press and play” most common with vaporizer pens) and even more versatile mouthpieces, such as flexible or retractable mouthpieces. The battery life of these portable vaporizers is also generally superior to a typical pen-style vape, packing as much as four to five times as much battery capacity as entry-level vaporizer pens.

Ultimately, selecting the right vaping device for you comes down to what you value most from your vaporizer. If you’re looking for a more portable and easy-to-use vape, a vaporizer pen like the Bullet by The Kind Pen may be your best bet. If you’re looking for a more complete experience, something like the Atmos Transporter may be just the portable vaporizer to “beam up” your vaping.

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